Care with a smile

At Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone recognises that we are living through uncertain and often stressful times and that these times of stress can potentially take a toll on certain aspects of our health, such as our oral wellbeing. It is important to know that in our 98 years of service to the Marylebone community we have been by our patient’s side every step of the way – through good times and bad – and that this has not changed one iota. If you feel there is a chance that you have somewhat neglected your dental habits during the last month, you should contact our dentist in Marylebone to see if our hygienist services could get your smile back to full

What is a dental hygienist?

Our dental hygienists here at Plowman & Partners are fast becoming one of the most popular services which we provide here at our dentist in Marleybone. The principal duty of a dental hygienist is to make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they ought to be, rather than addressing a cosmetic problem. Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments are still widely popular, our dental hygienist has unsurprisingly risen in popularity over recent months because of their ability to restore a patient’s teeth to full health at a time where it is most important. Recognising the tell-tale signs of gum disease is another principal job which our dental hygienist carries out on a regular basis. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the most common causes of adult tooth loss and can also be the cause of several health issues throughout the body if treatment is not provided quickly. Luckily, our dental hygienists are well trained in spotting any onset indicators that gum disease is in development, and will make sure that the appropriate treatment is then sought out.

Scale & polish service

Another one of the principal duties that our dental hygienist regularly uses to keep all of our patient’s teeth at top health is a professional cleaning service called a ‘scale and polish’. This is a process which involves using an endodontic file to clean away any buildups or pockets of bacteria and plaque which might have formed between teeth and elsewhere in the patient’s mouth. Removing this plaque makes sure that a patient’s gums and teeth are at full health and that any risk of gum diseases is halted in their steps. A scale and polish is a two-step procedure which initially involves removing all plaque and tartar from between the patient’s teeth, before polishing their enamel until it is visibly fresher and shinier looking. The results of a scale and polish service are often visibly similar to cosmetic teeth whitening in their perceived effect on a patient’s appearance as any marks, stains and tartar are also removed during the two-step process. Anyone who is looking to fully restore their oral health should book a consultation with us here at Plowman & Partners whenever they can and let us clear away any plaque from their teeth and leave them with a visibly whiter, healthier smile.

Firmly committed to dental caredentist-in-marylebone

At Plowman & Partner, since we opened our practice in 1922, we have been fully committed and dedicated to doing all that we can to make sure that our patient’s get the highest possible degree of dental care and support. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic may have changed almost every aspect of our lives, the dedication which our dentist in Marleybone has to our patients is something which has remained completely unchanged. We recognise that there is a likelihood that many of our regular patients may have somewhat lessened their oral routines and perhaps fallen into bad habits throughout the recent lockdown measures. Anyone who feels this to be true however needn’t be too concerned, but rather they ought to arrange to have their teeth assessed by our expert dental hygienist to make sure that nothing nasty is in development which could potentially cause them damage or problems further down the line.

What can a hygienist do for me?

Many of those who visit our dentist in Marleybone do so to receive care from our hygienist. We believe firmly that the best possible treatment a patient can have is one which prevents treatments from being required at all, and this is something which our highly trained hygienists specialise in. One of the main jobs that our hygienist carries out is examining a patient’s teeth – and specifically their gums – for any signs of infection. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the most common cause of adult tooth loss after injury, and can potentially lead to numerous long-term health problems if it is not identified and treated quickly. Luckily, every hygienist at our dentist in Marleybone is well-versed at noticing the indicator of gum diseases in development, such as red gums or inflammation, and can make sure you get the care you need when you need it. Another service which our hygienists regularly carried out is called a ‘scale and polish’, which is a professional cleaning and polishing service which removes any plaque, tartar and stains from a patient’s teeth and leaves them in top physical condition so that patient’s needn’t worry about any gum or dental related issues arising over time.

Cosmetic care

Another popular reason for patients seeking treatment from us here at Plowman & Partners is to undergo cosmetic dental procedures. These cover a range of different aspects of dentistry, but all aim to solve one or more aesthetic issues which patients may have. The most popular of these treatments, and the most widely requested here at Plowman & Partners is cosmetic dental whitening. This is a procedure which aims to brighten and whiten a patient’s enamel through the application of a peroxide-based bleaching gel. This gel is placed within a custom made retainer which is formed to fit snugly and perfectly over each patient’s teeth. When worn with the bleaching gel inside it, the hydrogen-peroxide within the gel quickly begins to clear away any stains, marks or discolouration and leaves the patient’s teeth visibly whiter. There are a number of reasons as to why your enamel may be discoloured or duller, such as age or habits like smoking. However, if you are self-conscious about the shade of your teeth, rather than letting it get you down, you should simply contact us here at Plowman & Partners and arrange to speak to a professional cosmetic dentistry specialist about your whitening options.

Keeping you happydentist-in-marylebone

At Plowman & Partners, we are a dentist in Marylebone who firmly believes that a patient’s smile is the most important asset they possess. It is something which should be used every day and has the power to elevate both your own feelings, as well as the mood and feelings of those around you. However, we also recognise that there are a number of common cosmetic issues which patients have with their smiles which can potentially make smiling seem quite a challenge, and present us with feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Anybody who feels this way should waste no time in seeking out a dentist in Marylebone to see what we could be doing to help get your smile back.

What could a dentist in Marylebone do for me?

Many patients who seek out the aid of our revered and highly respected dentist in Marylebone do so to ensure that their current level of oral wellbeing is up to a healthy standard, through the aid of our expert hygienists. It is our opinion here at Plowman & Partners that the best treatment that patients can receive is education, and that preventing the need for any dental treatment from arising is the most beneficial thing which we can do for our patients. This is achieved, on the most part, through the expertise and advice of our dental hygienist who is always willing to provide tips about brushing and flossing techniques which patients can use to prevent the need for unnecessary dental visits further down the line. Our hygienists also carry out a professional and extensive cleaning service which removes any surface stains from a patient’s teeth, as well as any hidden pockets of plaque in the harder to reach areas between teeth. Alongside the services of our dental hygienists, many patient’s visit our dental practice here at Plowman & Partners to receive cosmetic dental treatment such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers – which can have a truly transformative effect on a patient’s smile, and how frequently they use it.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers, or just veneers, are a cosmetic treatment which can potentially treat a number of common aesthetic issues that patients have with their teeth through just one treatment. Veneers are a popular treatment choice for a number of celebrities and television personalities because they are both fast and effective and can practically build a whole new smile and solve issues such as gaps between teeth, stained teeth, chips or breaks all in just one simple treatment. Veneers are thin porcelain shells which are attached to the front and back of a patient’s tooth to effectively mask it entirely and give it a completely new look. It is possible to opt for single veneers in cases where one tooth is damaged, as well as a whole set of veneer in instances where patients are looking to give their smile a complete, cohesive makeover. If you are concerned about one or more aspects of how your smile looks, then perhaps veneer treatment could be the solution. To find out more, or to assess your eligibility for veneers then simply arrange a consultation with one of our experts at Plowman & Partners and begin your unique dental journey.

What exactly does it mean to have healthy teeth? There is no one correct answer to a question like this. For example, it can mean having teeth that are strong enough to withstand the pressures of eating, chewing and daily life. It can also mean having teeth that are free from conditions such as abscesses and gum disease. And on top of this, there is also the consideration that it means having teeth that are white and visually pleasing. All in all, it is fair to say that having healthy teeth encompasses all of these things. To have teeth that are strong in any and all of these ways, one central thing is necessary, having good dental hygiene. To some extent, most of us are already aware of the basics of dental hygiene, such as brushing teeth, using mouthwash and being mindful about the levels of sugary and/or acidic foods that we eat. However, if you feel that the strength and health of your teeth could be improved with a new dental hygiene routine, then it may be worthwhile to contact a dentist in Marylebone. By talking with a dentist in Marylebone it is possible to find out more about preventive dentistry techniques and how they can be used to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth loss down the road. At this point it is reasonable to be wondering about how exactly dental hygiene can be used to achieve better dental health, and which dentist in Marylebone it is good to talk to about this specifically. We’ll take a look at these questions in this article and thus hopefully provide information that can lead to a life with a healthier

There are a few different options to consider when thinking about which dentist in Marylebone you would like to see to talk to about dental hygiene. Whilst many different dental studios in Marylebone offer a very high quality service, we would like to direct your attention specifically to Plowman & Partners. This is because at Plowman & Partners we have had experience of providing the highest quality in dental care for over nine decades. Our staff are trained to the best standards, which means that they are uniquely placed to deliver a fantastic in-house service to all of our patients, no matter the complexities and intricacies of their treatment needs. Therefore, regardless of any individual patient’s needs, worries or concerns, they can be assured that we will always strive for excellence in delivering their treatment and alleviating their concerns.

How can dental hygiene help?

Many of the aforementioned types of dental hygiene can be performed easily at home by following a proper routine. However, there are some ways in which a dental hygienist can help a patient to achieve healthier teeth which the patient could not do on their own. A hygienist is often equipped with tools that they can use to remove plaque on teeth that can’t be removed with regular brushing. They may also be able to perform diagnostic services which can include X-rays and/or oral cancer detection.

Looking nice throughout the day is something that can give anyone a confidence boost. Receiving a well-intentioned compliment about the way you look can be a very nice thing, whether that be about the clothes you are wearing, or the radiant look to your face that day. One thing that people will often receive compliments for is the quality of their smile. Indeed, a smile can show a lot of things about a person, and a particularly big, white-toothed smile can really demonstrate your happiness and energy to another

It is for this reason that a lot of people are looking into different types of cosmetic treatment that can enhance the look of their teeth and therefore their smile. As it turns out though, there are actually a lot of different kinds of cosmetic dental treatment nowadays, so finding the correct one for any individual’s specific needs can potentially be quite difficult without knowing about the available treatments beforehand.

Before you can know much about cosmetic dental treatments though, it is good to know about a good place to get them. Many different dental treatments will be available from a dentist in Marylebone. The dentist in Marylebone that we would like to highlight today is Plowman & Partners.

Here at Plowman & Partners, we provide our patients with the highest standards of dental care right in the heart of London’s world leading medical district. We make use of some of the most modern techniques and tools available in modern dentistry to ensure that our patients can undergo treatment in an environment that is comfortable and relaxing. Because of this and because of the multitude of different dental treatments we offer, we are sure it will be worth your while to visit this dentist in Marylebone.

Examples of cosmetic dental treatment

There are a large number of different kinds of dental treatments. One of the more common examples of cosmetic dentistry that many of us will have heard of is teeth whitening. This treatment is the process of brightening and lightening the teeth, in order to make them several shades whiter. It is also possible in some cases to have this treatment performed on you at home. This can be done by wearing mouth guards which apply whitening gel to your teeth as you sleep.

Another type of cosmetic dental treatment that is available from a dentist in Marylebone is cosmetic fillings. These fillings act in the same way to amalgam fillings however they are coloured to look much more like the natural shade of your teeth. This allows them to blend into the overall look of your teeth much better and much more easily when compared to amalgam fillings.

Finally, it is also worth considering the potential benefits of periodontics. Periodontics can be both a cosmetic and more general dental treatment. In terms of general oral health, periodontics can help a patient to maintain a healthy mouth and can prevent loss or damage to the structures supporting the teeth. In terms of pure cosmetics though, one of the main benefits of periodontics is that it can lead to having fresher breath.

There is an undeniable link between how we look and how we feel. That is to say, if we are in good health then we are more likely to feel good internally, and when we feel good our appearance and actions demonstrate to the wider world how we are feeling, which makes us look better. This is something that has been shown to be true in different areas all across the human body, whether it be our muscles, heart or mind which is reaping the benefits from being healthy. In fact, the link between our health and happiness is often true even for smaller parts of the body, such as the teeth. For example, teeth that are well cared for and frequently seen to by a dentist will be stronger and more able to resist the pressures from eating and drinking etc, and they will also be more white and vibrant, making us look better. This demonstrates how the worlds of cosmetic and general dentistry are interlinked, and also how our understanding of one of them helps our understanding of the other, and vice versa. What we can logically conclude from this then is that keeping your teeth strong and healthy also helps them to look nice. Therefore, an additional benefit of going to see a dentist in Marylebone to try and increase the strength and health of your teeth is that they will likely look nicer after treatment as well. There are many ways in which teeth can look nicer and be stronger, and there are many different treatments that a dentist in Marylebone may be able to give a patient that can help them to achieve one or both of these. Today we’ll take a look at one particular type of treatment a dentist in Marylebone may be able to give their patients, and provide more information about the specific nature of this treatment, so that it is easier to decide for yourself if this treatment is right for you.Dentist in Marylebone

As it happens, there is one particular dentist in Marylebone that has experience delivering both cosmetic and general dentistry. This dental practice is Plowman & Partners. At Plowman & Partners, we always maintain our delivery of services at the highest standards of dental care, and have done so for the past ninety years. To ensure we live up to our lofty standards, we use the latest dental technology and techniques, which also help to keep our patients feel at ease. Furthermore, as all of our partners are recognised as specialists by the General Dental Council, our patients can always be sure of our expertise and skill in dentistry.

Dental treatments

Dental implants and crowns and bridges are all examples of general dental treatments. They are all designed to restore lost or broken teeth. In fact, dental implants are titanium screws that are fixed in place into positions where missing teeth used to be, as artificial roots, and they support the fixing of crowns or bridges on top of them. The artificial root also has the benefit of stimulating bone retention, to maintain the integrity of a patient’s facial structure. Crowns and bridges are often made out of composite resin or ceramic materials so that they accurately emulate the look and feel of teeth. All of these treatments have the advantage of replacing or restoring teeth, thus making them stronger and also giving the mouth a more full and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At Plowman and Partners, situated in the heart of Marylebone, our highly qualified partners are committed to providing all of our new and loyal patients with an impeccable standard of dental care within the walls of our surgery. Our dental clinic was established as early as 1922 on Queen Anne Street. Ever since our establishment our team has provided our patients with the highest standard of private dental care for over nine decades, which we believe speaks volumes for the high level of dentistry we provide at our modern, friendly and comfortable dental

Ensuring all of our patients are comfortable within the walls of our dentist in Marylebone

Within recent years our dental practice has undergone a massive refurbishment which means it’s returned to both a comfortable and modern grade ll listed building in the heart of London’s world leading medical district (which we believe is something to shout about).

Did you know?

The dental healthcare professionals working at our dental clinic have all been recognised as specialists by the General Dental Council. They are therefore all uniquely placed to deliver a seamless and therefore effortless in-house service to all of our patients. Whether they are looking for routine dentistry (or even highly advanced and complex restorative dental treatments) our team always strives to deliver excellence in everything we do at our practice.

Meet the team at our dentist in Marylebone

When finding the right dental clinic to cater for your individual dental needs many patients may base their decision on a multitude of factors (one example of which may be location, or possibly even specialist referrals or recommendations from close family members and friends!) Whatever influences you to receive treatment at our clinic we can ensure you that you’re making the right decision for both the health, and the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Our team consists of an impressive array of dental healthcare professionals who all possess the same shared passion for the impeccable standard of dentistry they provide to our patients.

Guy Robertson is just one example of our fantastic dental team

Guy Robertson is just one example of our fantastic dental team at Plowman and Partners in Marylebone. Guy Robertson provides his patients with an excellent standard of private dentistry whilst adopting both a friendly and welcoming approach within his specialist field of restorative dental care. Just one other example of our team is Graham Bailey who happens to be a specialist within the field of endodontics, which makes him a perfect addition to our dental surgery! Graham not only adopts a professional approach towards every patient he treats, however he is also both caring, and therefore attentive towards every dental case he approaches.

How to get in touch with a member of our Plowman and Partners dental team

If our impressive range of dental services look like they could be of interest to your individual dental needs then why not get in touch with a member of our specialist dental team? Located on our modern (and therefore easily accessible dental website) we not only offer our potential patients our direct email address, and our telephone number, however we also provide a ‘get in touch’ option which allows even our busiest of patients to reach their dental goals!

At our clinic within Marylebone we understand that finding the right team of dentists to cater for your individual dental needs can be a difficult decision for many of our patients. With this tough choice in mind therefore our fantastic team of dentists all strive to offer a superior standard of care towards every patient they work with. In addition to our caring, modern, and attentive dental approach we are also lucky enough to be in London’s leading medical district which we believe is something to be proud

Meet the team at our dentist in Marylebone

At our clinic within Marylebone we choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, therefore ensuring all of our patients achieve the best possible dental results for their unique case! Whilst staying on top of their oral health to prevent the onset of more serious oral diseases and infections. In addition to the high-quality dental materials, we use however our success is also a credit to our fantastic dental team, who are all regarded as well knowledged within their chosen fields.

Every member of our dental team is passionate and dedicated

Just one example of our team is Graham Bailey, Graham not only possesses an attentive approach to the patients he treats, however he is also trained within the field of restorative dental care which makes him an excellent addition to our surgery.

Did you know?

Each member of our dental team has been recognised as specialists by the general dental council (also commonly referred to as the GDC) which means every single member of our practice is fully qualified to deliver a high standard of care. Our team not only adopts a patient-centred approach we also promote a disciplinary approach to the highest standard which means we have a commitment to evaluating advances within dental technology whilst boasting a range of professionals within different fields to ensure every single one of our patients is individually cared for.

The treatments on offer at our dentist in Marylebone

At our clinic in Marylebone we place a huge emphasis on preventative dental care! Preventative dentistry essentially means that our patients are preventing the onset of more severe oral concerns (such as gum disease, to name just one common example) which could be a shock later on in life if oral hygiene is not maintained. In addition to preventative dental care however, we also choose to provide a variety of complex orthodontic restorative and even cosmetic dental treatments.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is rising in popularity within the field of dental care! With its primary aim to improve the physical and therefore aesthetic appearance of our patient’s smiles. A few examples of popular cosmetic dental treatments consist of tooth whitening (which is a simple and safe way to brighten the appearance of your smile), in addition to porcelain veneers (which is also available in a composite material), and lastly cosmetic fillings (which are deemed as a vastly superior alternative to traditional Mercury fillings, which could be considered as unsightly regarding their physical appearance).

At our dental clinic (which is situated in the heart of London’s leading medical district in Marylebone!) we choose to adopt a caring, modern, and lastly compassionate approach to the dentistry we provide within the walls of our newly refurbished grade ll listed building on Queen Anne Street. At our practice in London we’ve been providing an impeccable level of care to all of our patients for over nine decades, which we believe is a credit to our fantastic team of dental specialists.Dentist in Marylebone

Meet the team at our dentist in Marylebone

Every member of our team has been recognised as specialists by the General Dental Council within their own right, which ensures our patients are receiving the very best standard of dental care, every time. In regards to our approach, we choose to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our dentist in Marylebone whilst ensuring all of their general routine dental needs are met; we simultaneously reach their more aesthetic dental goals by offering a multitude of treatments at our practice.

The treatments on offer at our dentist in Marylebone

At our clinic in London we not only choose to embrace a high quality of dental care within the walls of our surgery, however we also choose to embrace variety in regards to the treatments we provide to both our new, and our long-standing loyal patients.

What makes our dental services unique

Finding the right dental clinic for your individual needs can be tough, which is why we strive to stand out from the rest! Every member of our fantastic dental team all share the same passion for the dentistry they provide. Every one of our dental specialists has individually undertaken additional postgraduate training within their chosen dental fields, which therefore allows our highly qualified dental team to take care of all of our patients individually!

Placing an emphasis on dental hygiene

Despite offering an extensive array of cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and even implant dentistry (also commonly referred to as dental implants), our team chooses to place emphasis on preventive dental care, which always starts at the root of dental hygiene! Every member of our team firmly believes in the principle that prevention is always better than the cure which is why we strive to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. This leads to our belief that oral hygiene is the most effective way to maintain a healthy mouth for our patients!

Are you looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile?

Despite offering an extensive range of standard routine dentistry our dental specialists also choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology! Just one example of our more complex procedures is cosmetic dental care; when offering our patients cosmetic dental treatments we choose to embrace variety, just one example of which are our white fillings. White fillings have a vastly superior appearance when compared to traditional metal amalgam fillings (which have been deemed as less preferred, due to their mercury containing substance and their unsightly physical appearance).

Deeply rooted in the communitydentist-marleybone

Here at Plowman & Partners, we have been a firmly embedded part of the local social fabric within the Marylebone area for nine decades. Since 1922, we have been providing a dental care and treatment service to our patients that is considered to be the highest possible standard of excellence and care. We are a private dentist in Mareybone who has been dedicated to our patient’s for almost 100 years and within that time we have earned ourselves the esteem and place amongst the local community that we enjoy today. We recognise that now, more than ever, people are increasingly paying attention to their oral health, and we are proud to be a dentist in Marelybone who is at the forefront of this new age of dental engagement.

Bespoke, patient oriented care

At Plowman & Partners, each of our individual practitioners are accredited by the General Dental Council and as such are recognised as being at the top of each of their respected fields of study. This allows us to treat every patient individually, through a multidisciplinary fashion which is of the highest possible standard. It is our belief, as a dentist in Marelybone who is genuinely committed to ensuring every patient receives the care they deserve, that no two courses of treatment should ever be exactly the same. This is because no two sets of teeth, or indeed patients, are the same. As such, we tailor every service and treatment we offer, regardless of its complexity, so that it meets the individual needs and wants of every patient. In doing so, we’ve found patients feel more included within their entire treatment journey, as well as being more relaxed and comfortable within our practice.

What can I expect at Plowman & Partners?

Anyone who feels that they could benefit from the services of a truly committed team of dental experts here at Plowman & Partners need only contact our friendly team to arrange an individual consultation at a time which suits the patient. This first consultation will then act as a starter-point for any further treatments, as it lets the patient detail to one of our many approachable dental professionals what it is specifically about their oral health or teeth that they are concerned or unhappy about. With this information, a practitioner will then discuss the patient’s various dental options, which can cover an expanse of treatments including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics,  to determine which treatment path they would like to pursue.

Assessing the patient’s oral health

Following from this consultation, we may carry out an initial assessment of the patient’s existing oral health. This is carried out by our highly trained dental hygienist, and is of highest importance as patient’s teeth have to be of a certain degree of health if they are to undergo certain treatments. If any signs of Periodontal Disease (otherwise known as Gum Disease) are uncovered, then they must be eradicated prior to any further dental treatment, such as dental implants, as they may affect the overall success of the treatment. Thankfully however, the dental hygienist here at Plowman & Partners are well-versed in combating all stages of periodontal disease and ensuring that a patient’s teeth are as healthy and fit as they possibly can be, to allow them to proceed on their dental journeys.