It happens to the best of us. We are going about our daily lives when all of a sudden, we are struck by an overwhelming discomfort under one of our teeth.

emergency-appointmentWhile almost everyone is aware of when it is time to visit their GP for routine conditions, or their A&E for emergency conditions, few people know when an emergency dental appointment is needed over a routine check-up.

This presents an obvious problem for both the individual and the dental professional; the prospective patient may end up waiting with an uncomfortable condition for a longer time than necessary and when they finally get to their dental appointment, the dental professional may need to conduct a more serious procedure than initially required.

At Plowman and Partners, we know that nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a dental emergency, but we are able to offer our patients emergency access to our dentist in Marylebone. We will aim to see you on the same day as you contact us, as we know that time is of the essence when you have an urgent dental issue.

But what scenarios warrant an emergency visit to our dentist in Marylebone? Read on to find out about our most commonly seen dental emergencies.

Unmanageable discomfort

Discomfort is subjective but when we discuss emergency dentistry, we are talking about a disruptive pain that does not respond to over-the-counter painkillers and interferes with your day.

It is vital you book an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Marylebone if you are experiencing an unusual level of discomfort; pain that resembles throbbing or burning need to be examined immediately, as this could indicate a dental abscess.

Chipped tooth

A chipped tooth may seem like a minor issue but it requires urgent dental treatment, even if it does not hurt.

A chipped tooth is more prone to cracking or breaking and needs to be seen by a dental professional who can repair cracks in the tooth and restore the chipped area.

Sudden swelling

Swelling in the mouth is usually benign but requires an emergency appointment, especially if it is beginning to impact on your ability to breathe or is painful.

Swelling could indicate an abscess, unerupted teeth or may be a sign of an undiagnosed condition; although disconcerting, it is always worth getting any unusual lumps and bumps looked at.

Lost filling or crown

Fillings and crowns often fall out and it is important that you get to see a dental professional as soon as possible to have them restored.

Delaying a visit to our emergency dental practitioner could expose the pulp of the tooth to bacteria, which could lead to a destructive infection – not worth the risk!

Broken or damaged brace

As hardy as they are, metal braces are not immune to damage.

If you suspect that your brace has become damaged, contact our emergency service immediately; we can assess the damage and temporarily reset the brace, so it is intact when you visit your orthodontist.

Do you wake up in the morning with fatigue? Do you frequently feel sleepy throughout the day? Does your partner moan at you for keeping them awake with your snoring?

dentist-maryleboneYou are not alone! One of the most common of all sleep-related disorders, sleep apnoea can play havoc with your life. The most common, obstructive sleep apnoea, is more serious than a simple snore; it can cause your breathing to become shallow and may lead to your breath intermittently stopping as you sleep

How can a trip to our team at Plowman and Partners help you resolve sleep apnoea? Our dentist in Marylebone has a team of dedicated staff, who are experienced in identifying the root cause of your sleep apnoea and providing you with practical, realistic solutions.

At Plowman and Partners, our experienced dentist in Marylebone will take an imprint of your teeth and 3-D model of your mouth, to create a custom-fitted, oral device. This device will prevent your lower jaw sliding back while you sleep and therefore, prevent you from snoring!

But, what are the practical advantages of our dentist in Marylebone making this device for you?

Non invasive

If you have been searching for a solution to your snoring for a while now, you may have heard about the surgical options that are available to widen your airway – now that will give you a sore throat!

The devices we offer at Plowman and Partners are non invasive and are made from a flexible but durable plastic, which is a much cheaper option when compared to surgery.

Portable and removable

Do you travel a lot for work?

Oral devices are both portable and removable; supplied in a small carry case, you will be able to transport them safely with you wherever you go, guaranteeing both you and your partner a good night’s sleep.

Easy to use

Many people worry about sleeping with a removable object in their mouths, but there really is nothing to worry about.

At Plowman and Partners, many of our patients who use anti snore devices have reported feeling surprised at how comfortable these devices are to wear to bed and describe them as being extremely easy to use.

No buttons to press, no medication required; just pop the device in your mouth and you are ready for those forty winks.

High success rate

An obvious downside of any kind of surgical intervention for sleep apnoea and snoring are the possible side effects; discomfort, healing time, not to mention medication and dietary restrictions that may be needed post operation.

The oral devices we create for our patients at Plowman and Partners have an extremely high, long term success rate. As they are made from durable plastic, they are also hard wearing, meaning each user has many years service out of one device – plus, no uncomfortable side effects!

If your partner is ready to exile you to the couch to gain a good night’s sleep, come along to Plowman and Partners and let’s banish that snore together! Call us today!

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore lower jaw? Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain and migraines?

marylebone-dentistSuffering from this cluster of symptoms could be indicative of a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This disorder is caused by a misalignment of the teeth on the upper and lower jaws as well as misfitting jaws; simply put, when you close your mouth, your teeth and jaws do not slot together correctly and when you are asleep, you are grinding your teeth together to try and alleviate this issue, which is very uncomfortable!

At Plowman and Partners, we are aware of how disruptive TMJ can be and our dentist in Marylebone can offer you a range of different techniques, devices and treatment options to minimise the impact that this extremely common condition has on your life.


Not the most popular of our options but our dentist in Marylebone has seen the positive impact that wearing a brace can have on TMJ.

As this disorder is primarily caused by misaligned teeth, the easiest way to resolve it permanently is with a brace and, depending on the severity of your misalignment, our dentist in Marylebone may be able to fit you with a removable or invisible brace, until your teeth are realigned.

Sleep guard

As previously mentioned, the grinding associated with those early morning headaches occurs when you are asleep, which can make it more difficult to control.

Luckily, there are a range of sleep guards to wear during those forty winks which will prevent you from grinding your teeth together and will stop any damage to the tops of your teeth. These are custom made to fit your teeth and are constructed from a smooth, but durable plastic, making them easy to wear without disrupting your sleep pattern.


Our team may decide that you might benefit from some minor reconstruction work on your teeth, to even out the surfaces and realign any displaced teeth.

Often used alongside sleep guards and massages, these reconstructions usually involve covering uneven teeth with a layer of porcelain, to make your bite more even, reducing the need to grind and brux.


We all like a massage when we have stiff muscles in our backs and it is no different when our jaw muscles are sore.

At Plowman and Partners, our dental team can provide you with specialist massages, to help relax overworked muscles affected by TMJ alongside teaching you how to perform these massages on yourself when you wake up each morning.

Done each day, this will alleviate any associated pain in the jaw from grinding in the night-time.


Another way we help manage the discomfort of TMJ is to show you how to exercise your jaw muscles, to strengthen them, so they do not become overworked by nocturnal bruxing.

Performed everyday, alongside the massages, this technique reduces the associated discomfort, but does not treat the underlying condition and is therefore used as a complementary treatment for TMJ.

One of the most feared and misunderstood of all dental procedures is that of the root canal.

A fairly common and straightforward process, this endodontic procedure is designed to restore function to a tooth that has recently experienced extreme trauma, either due to infection or extreme impact. We look at some lesser known benefits of this procedure carried out by our practice.

root-canal-treatmentMany of our patients at Plowman & Partners are apprehensive about our dentists in Marylebone performing this treatment, without knowing that root canal treatments actually provide a wide range of benefits for their teeth and promote overall better dental health.

Our team of dentists in Marylebone perform root canal treatments everyday and can testify to the many advantages of having this procedure performed.

Reduces discomfort

More often than not, when a patient visits our dentists in Marylebone for root canal treatments, they have usually just been through a very painful dental infection. Something everyone dreads.

While they may still be overcoming the infection during the root canal, having the pulp of the tooth removed reduces any associated discomfort that comes with a dental infection and allows them to leave our surgery feeling more comfortable.

Restores tooth function

As visually important as our teeth are, if you have a tooth in your mouth that cannot take the pressure associated with chewing food without causing discomfort, then that tooth has no function.

Post root canal treatment, your tooth will be able to handle everyday functions again.

No gaps

Unfortunately, the only real alternative to a root canal that will also stop any future infections is to remove the tooth.

If the tooth that has the infection is located at the front of your mouth, this can cause a very obvious problem. Gaps in your smile can knock your confidence, put pressure on surrounding teeth and can cause your jawbone to recede.

Prevents infections

Dental infections are truly awful to experience and if you need a root canal, it is likely you are in the midst or have recently had one.

Part of the procedure of endodontic therapy involves gently drilling down to the pulp of the tooth and scraping out all of the bacteria that led to the initial infection. As unappealing as this sounds, it is essential to ensure that the bacteria does not spread to your other teeth and blood stream, which can cause sepsis or more complex infections.

Restores normal sensation

Have you ever had a filling and experienced that numbing sensation?

Many of our patients at Plowman & Partners assume that this is how their teeth will feel after a root canal is performed; after all, how can it feel anything without a nerve?

There are many nerves in your mouth and nerves surrounding the tooth will allow you to feel and process normal biting and chewing sensations.If you know you may need a root canal don’t delay, speak with a member of our team today.

It can happen to the best of us; we are going about our regular daily routine when suddenly, we are hit with a bout of dental pain that knocks us backwards.

Dentist in MaryleboneAt Plowman & Partners, we are often concerned by how few of or patients are aware of which situations warrant an emergency appointment with one of our dentists in Marylebone. We have compiled a list of our most commonly seen dental emergencies with conditions and scenarios that should be treated as an emergency, to help you identify when you, or a loved one, needs same day treatment.

Intense pain

Pain is a somewhat subjective experience, but if you are worried about the level of discomfort you are feeling, it may be time to see your dentist in Marylebone.

Dental pain that requires urgent treatment is sharp, stabbing or throbbing in its intensity, leaving the area around the tooth feeling bruised or extremely tender to touch, it may also react painfully to any pressure.

It is important to contact us for a same day appointment in this instance, as it may indicate an infection, which requires urgent treatment.

Lost filling or crown

Nothing lasts forever and our dentists in Marylebone are used to seeing patients who have lost fillings or crowns, almost on a daily basis.

It is important to note that a lost filling or crown may not be painful, so it is worth checking that all of your fillings and crowns are present and stable as part of your daily dental routine.

Sudden swelling

Swelling of the face, tongue, gum or inner cheek requires urgent medical attention, even if you are in no discomfort.

Though it is unlikely to have a pain free abscess, it is possible under a tooth that has had a root canal, so it is worth checking with a member of our dental team just to be sure. Other possibilities include an allergic reaction or periodontal disease, which need to be identified and treated as soon as possible.

Cracked or chipped tooth

If you are into contact sports or are prone to falling, you may experience a chipped or cracked tooth.

When this occurs, it is vital that you book a same day dental appointment and if possible, save any fragments of teeth in a container, soaking in milk.

A cracked or chipped tooth requires repair and delaying this can lead to the crack or chip deepening. It can also be a gateway for bacteria to attack the pulp of your tooth, which can cause a very unpleasant infection in the long term.

Unusual lumps

If you notice a lump anywhere in your mouth, do not wait until your next check-up.

An unusual lump in your mouth may be indicative of oral cancer, which is more likely if you smoke. Contact our dental team for an emergency appointment as soon as you notice any strange lumps or bumps.

At Plowman & Partners dental surgery, we know how important your smile is to you.

In the modern world, we are bombarded with images of the Hollywood elite with their perfectly straight, white smiles; if you are not blessed with a similar smile naturally, it can make you feel less confident.

Dentist in MaryleboneLuckily, due to an increased demand, many dental surgeries are now able to bring the glamour of Hollywood to you and can offer you many cosmetic options when it comes to your teeth.

At Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone is proud to be able to provide our patients with a range of different cosmetic options, to leave them with the gorgeous smile they deserve.

Our team of dentists in Marylebone have listed our most popular cosmetic procedures, to help you decide which treatment may be best suited to your individual needs.

Dental implants

Perfect for restorative dental work, if you have a few teeth or many teeth missing, implants are a suitable alternative to dentures.

Fitted to your jaw by our dentist in Marylebone, implants provide an immovable way to fill gaps in your smile, while also restoring functionality to your mouth.

Porcelain veneers

Do you need whiter teeth for an upcoming wedding? Do you have a minor gap in your smile?

Porcelain veneers offer a quick way to whiten your teeth and can be adapted to cover any minor gaps, cracks or chips in your smile. Similar to an acrylic nail, veneers are fitted over the front of your teeth, providing you with an instant boost to your smile in a timely manner.

White fillings

Once considered somewhat of an eyesore by many, at Plowman & Partners, we are able to offer our patients a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatment with our white, composite fillings.

Eliminating the appearance of the filling, our team will also shape the composite, to restore a more natural look to your teeth, regardless of the tooth’s position in your mouth.

Porcelain crowns

When you need a bit more than a filling and need a bit more restoration, our team are able to provide you with a porcelain crown, to restore your teeth and give a more natural look.

If you want something a bit more extravagant, our team are also happy to fit you with a gold crown.

Fitted bridges

Our team at Plowman and Partners provide a full range of bridgework, which may include the use of dental implants.

Alternatively, if you do not want to have dental implants fitted, we are able to offer you a fitted bridge, which secures a partial denture in place by anchoring the prosthesis onto neighbouring teeth. However, this will require these teeth to be prepared and fitted with crowns to ensure that the bridge stays firmly in place.

Whether you are looking for dental implants or just want your teeth whitened, Plowman and Partners can help!

You’re never too old to have a little touch-up work done, especially on your teeth. Thanks to improvements in modern dentistry over the years, we now have a multitude of options for treatment to help your smile last longer.

Dentist in MaryleboneIf you’re interested in buffing up those pearly whites, then here’s a few cosmetic treatments that our dentist in Marylebone can offer you.

Dental implants

First up on the list is our dental implantation procedure. This involves the fitting of a prosthetic tooth, either porcelain or ceramic, into the section of your gum line that needs improving. This can be done to fill in gaps or to replace cracked teeth and those that are damaged beyond repair.

We use a sterile Titanium screw to bond the tooth to your jawbone and, over time, the bone cavity should heal back over the inserted prosthetic to help create a sturdy natural looking replacement.


Next on our list of cosmetic procedures, available from our dentist in Marylebone, is crowns. We use a prosthetic cap to entirely cover your tooth. Primarily we use it for covering damage, but it can also be used to strengthen or aesthetically improve the look of your teeth.

At Plowman and Partners Private Dentistry, our talented team will provide a range of natural looking crowns to give you a more natural looking smile.


Similar to crowns, veneers are a prosthetic cap that we use to cover up cracks, chips, damage and staining that can build up on your teeth over time. First, we will normally remove a layer of enamel from your teeth and, inside this little divot, we will fit the cap into place with an adhesive, that is later cured and solidified to keep the new cover in place.

It’s a relatively non-invasive procedure, but there can be some mild discomfort during the enamel removal stage.


If you want to get that Hollywood white smile, then you can’t go wrong with a whitening session from one of our team. We provide in practice sessions or kits to use at home if your schedule isn’t free for an appointment.

Invisible braces

Last on our list is our invisible braces. These are essentially a custom moulded see-through brace that places a small but gentle amount of pressure onto your teeth. Over time this will cause the crooked parts to realign themselves in a straighter position.

The process of being fitted for these braces is pretty high-tech, as we will use LEDs or lasers to map out the topography of your teeth. We will then use this to create a 3D image of your teeth that we can manipulate to show you how we will realign the specific area being worked on.

This is then used to create a mouthguard that you will have to wear for around 12 months, as your teeth start to straighten out.

These are just a few of the various cosmetic treatments we have available at our practice. Just ask one of our team on your next visit to see how we can help you improve that smile.

In our practice we have plenty of great treatments to offer, and each one can help you improve your smile in its own way. From gaps to cracks, or crooked teeth, we have a solution for a wide range of problems. One of our treatments that our dentist in Marylebone might recommend for patients with damaged or gap filled teeth is implants.

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect with this treatment.

Dentist in MaryleboneBrief summary

This treatment is fairly simple and involves the insertion of a prosthetic tooth; usually made of ceramics or porcelain, below your gum line and into your jawbone. We use a sterile Titanium screw to attach the new tooth, and then over time, the displaced bone should naturally heal back over the screw to provide a solid base for the implanted tooth.

Outline of treatment

Generally, this procedure tends to be pretty quick and our dentist in Marylebone will walk you through the process in an easy to understand manner during your initial consultation. Afterwards, an inspection and cleaning may be done of the area, followed by a quick casting and shade matching. This is done to allow us to craft a prosthetic that is going to seamlessly blend in with your surrounding teeth.

This information will then be used to create a new fake tooth, or teeth if it’s a bridge implant, and we will insert it through a relatively fast minor surgery, using local anaesthetic to numb the area in order to provide minimal discomfort.

Afterwards you’re free to go home, although you may want to have transport sorted first, as the anaesthetic will impair your ability to drive or safely ride public transport. So, ask someone to give you a lift or book a taxi.

At Plowman and Partners Private Dentistry, our team will perform your implantation in a quick, safe and professional manner to leave you with a smile you will love to show off.

Keeping your implant clean

After leaving the practice, it’s important that you keep your implant clean, to allow for the healing process to progress uninterrupted, and to avoid infection like Peri Implant Mucositis. This is an inflammation of the implanted area and can lead to degradation of the bone if it’s left untreated.

Generally, we recommend that you practice a normal brushing routine, but be careful with how hard you press the toothbrush. Too much pressure could dislodge the implant or impede your gums natural ability to heal. The same applies for floss; avoid pulling too deep on the floss and don’t go too near your gum  line.

For mouthwash users, we advise that you avoid using it if you can, or try to use weaker strength brands, as the chemicals can irritate your gums.

Finally, your mouth is going to be a little sensitive for a while after the surgery, and you may feel some discomfort eating hot and cold meals. This will pass after it becomes fully healed, but you can use painkillers to help during this.

These are just a few of the interesting reasons our patients pop by for implants. If you’re interested in seeing what they can do for you, then check in with our team on your next appointment.

It’s no secret that we all sometimes get nervous when visiting our dental practice for treatment. Here, at Plowman and Partners Private Dentistry, we try our best to be non-invasive with our treatments, and understand that many of our patients may suffer anxiety at the thought of someone poking around in their mouth. With that in mind, here’s a few tips from us on how you can keep calm when you stop by our dentist in Marylebone.

Dentist in MaryleboneListen to music

One of our first tips for staying calm, when visiting our dentist in Marylebone, is to just listen to some of your favourite tunes. Having that familiar thumping track in your ears can distract you and calm you down when things are getting a little too much.

Although we do recommend that you try to avoid any loud electronic music, dubstep or heavy metal, as the fast tempo of their beats can get your heart rate skyrocketing. Try swapping this for some gentle or classical music, the lower the tempo the more calming it will be.

Communicate with our team

Perhaps the most important tip that we can provide is about the importance of communicating with our team, especially if you find that you’re struggling. Take a few minutes before your procedure to talk with our staff; not only will this help you feel more relaxed, but it gets everyone on the same page, to make the upcoming treatment experience a little smoother.

If your anxiety is getting the better of you, then a simple hand gesture will also suffice. The key is to be as communicative as you can; we can’t read your mind, so you have to let us know.

At Plowman and Partners Private Dentistry, our team will work with you to go at a pace that suits you. After all, we want you to have a calm, quick and professional experience with us.

Bring in a soft plush

Although it may seem kind of strange to bring in a plush to the practice, having something familiar and fluffy from home is a great way to stay calm during your treatment. We’re generally happy with anything you bring in, as long as it isn’t too large or will get in the way of us doing our job efficiently.

Practice calming breathing techniques

One of the biggest side-effects of feeling anxious, is that your system becomes flushed with Adrenaline. That’s why many nervous patients can experience shaking, sweating and a panicked feeling, because the Adrenal gland is working overtime to get you through a stressful situation.

To counteract this, we recommend you try meditative breathing techniques; these oversaturate your body with oxygen, which allows it to break down the Adrenaline much quicker. Just keep breathing slowly for a few minutes and you should eventually feel yourself start to calm back down.

So, if you’re feeling nervous about that upcoming appointment, or are just looking for a few stress-busting tips, then try keeping a few of these helpful hints in mind to make your next visit to the practice a relaxing one. Hopefully, they should help it become a calm experience, that will leave you with a fantastic looking smile.

Some of us do not have the time to undergo lengthy cosmetic dental treatments in order to obtain the smile that we desire. Should it be a major treatment, such as veneers or teeth straightening, then of course we take time out of our busy schedules to ensure that we are available to make these drastic changes to our smile.

Dentist in MaryleboneFor smaller treatments however, by being able to do the treatment at home yourself, there is a great advantage meaning you do not need to spend time in the practice unnecessarily.

Teeth whitening is a very popular and successful procedure. Many patients enjoy whitening their teeth before a special occasion or simply to make them feel more confident with their smile.

Your dentist in Marylebone is able to determine whether your smile is suitable for teeth whitening. We take a look at the condition of your teeth and determine the level of staining they each have. Staining can be from a number of things and some people’s teeth just tend to discolour much easier than others.

A trip to the hygienist may be recommended in order to obtain ideal results. Some discolouration can be due to a build-up of plaque and the harder-to-remove tartar.  Only with specialised tools can we, your dentist in Marylebone remove these coatings and reveal the healthy white teeth underneath.

After a scale and polish, many of our patients find that their teeth appear to be brighter and whiter simply from this. By adding a teeth whitening treatment shortly after this procedure, the results can be astounding.

Teeth are stained by certain foods and drinks, smoking and other lifestyle habits. These stains can generally be removed with the use of a bleaching agent that is applied to the outer surface of your teeth. Other discolourations from dental procedures may not be able to be removed and a porcelain veneer may be offered by us to protect and cover up the tooth in question.

What happens if it is deemed OK for me to proceed?

Should we believe that we can make a significantly positive change to the colour of your teeth, then we will create a custom-made tray for you so that the bleaching agent is able to be applied to every surface of your teeth evenly.

You can choose whether you want to have the treatment done by us in the practice or you can take another version that is specifically designed for home use home with you. You can use the at home whitening kit overnight as it is a diluted version of the bleaching agent that we use in practice.

The effects are the same, it is just the amount of time that you can safely leave the whitening gel on your teeth that is the difference.

After you have completed your teeth whitening experience, we often suggest to our patients that you consider using a whitening toothpaste. The elements in the toothpaste consistently remove stains, allowing you to enjoy your pearly white smile for longer. Whatever you decide, come and speak to your dentist in Marylebone for the best advice.