Fee guide for treatments

The prices shown below are intended just to be a guide to our fees. Following an initial consultation, we will provide a detailed treatment plan and quotation for any work recommended.

Fees correct as of May 2021


Consultation or Routine Examination £235 – £250
New Patient Examination £250
Routine Examination – Children £150 – £230
Full Restorative Examination £450
Orthodontic Consultation (plus records) £250 (£450)
Fillings (per filling) from £495
Hygienist (per visit) £150
Hygienist Root planing (per quadrant cleaning under local anaesthetic) £350
Root Canal Treatment £1,450
Implant per tooth from £4,750
Crowns/ Inlays/ Onlays from £2,000
Bridge, per tooth from £2,000
Core, per tooth, from £550
Veneer from £2,000
Cast post and core £950
Partial chrome denture from £4,500
Full upper and lower dentures from £8,000
Home Tooth Whitening (including first 2 boxes) £800
In Surgery Tooth Whitening (including first 2 boxes) £900
Gum Shield (for children) £160 – £250
Occlusal splint from £950
Root planing (per quadrant) from £950
Quadrant surgery from £2,000
Extraction from £695
Snoring appliances £1,200 – £2,500
Bone grafting £800 – £2,200
Sinus augmentation (per sinus) from £1,500 – £2,500
Orthodontics £5,000 – £15,000
Bonded retainer (per jaw) £400 – £600
Removable retainer (Per jaw) from £250
Facial aesthetic treatments From £320
Endodontic Surgery from £2,000
OPG X-ray £150.00
Cone Beam CT per jaw £350
Biopsy £600 – £800

Orthodontic Treatment Fees

The following list of fees is a provided as a guide. Treatment fees vary depending on the specific malocclusion, the complexity of treatment, the type and number of appliances used and other patient specific factors. Therefore, the exact fee can only be given following consultation and will usually be provided in writing. Generally, fees are payable in instalments, with approximately 1/3 of the total cost payable on fit of the appliances, and the remainder paid in instalments over the course of treatment (usually payable within the first year).


Consultation from £200-£250
Review from £150
X-rays (per image) from £100
Fillings (per filling) from £495
Removable orthodontic appliances
Upper/lower simple removable appliance from £1,500-£2,000
Expansion appliance from £2,500
Functional appliance from £3,000-£3,500
Fixed orthodontic appliances
Fixed braces (1 arch) from £3,000 – £5,000
Fixed braces (both arches) from £6,000 – £10,000
Invisalign (1 arch) from £4,000 – £6,000
Invisalign (both arches) from £7,000 – £8,000
Lingual appliances (1 arch) from £5,000 – £7,000
Lingual appliances (both arches), from from £8,000 – £12,000
Essix retainer from £260
Fixed wire retainer from £250
Repair of fixed wire retainer from £250
Remake of removable appliance from £500


We accept payment by cheque, cash, credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Services are offered to patients on a private basis only.

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