Regular check-ups at the dental practice may seem like a mundane task to carry out each year, but the impact on your oral health and overall health can be significant. Regular check-up appointments enable your dentist in Marylebone to monitor your oral hygiene methods carried out at home and prevent any serious damage or issues from occurring further down the

Whilst visits to the dental practice are often considered unnecessary, in truth, these regular visits not only keep tabs on the health of your teeth but extends further to your overall oral health. Monitoring your teeth, mouth and gums is of great importance and that is where your dentist in Marylebone comes in. //Taking the first step and contacting your dental practice.//

At Plowman & Partners dental practice, we understand that for some, visits to the dental practice can be unsettling. This is why we concentrate on creating connections with our patients and do our best to encourage positive engagements throughout each visit. From the minute you walk through our doors we aim to be as encouraging and friendly as possible so as to put your mind at ease. Creating positive connections, no matter your age, is of great importance so that together we can work on your overall oral health without the fears.

Finding alternative solutions with a gentler approach to start.

For patients who struggle with the general dentistry side of their appointment, an alternative solution would be to attend regular appointments with the hygienist. Visiting the dentist in Marylebone may be too big a task to begin with but by taking a smaller step and visiting the dental hygienist you are moving in the right direction and ensuring that your oral health receives some form of care rather than none at all. The dental hygienist, whilst may seem the same as a visit to the dentist is actually completely different. Whilst normal dentistry uses the more intensive equipment and methods, the role of the hygienist is to help you understand ways to keep your teeth, mouth and gums clean at home and throughout your daily life. Using less invasive equipment and methods, for some taking a trip to the hygienist can be a manageable and more gentle approach to visit the dental practice and therefore if this suits you better, it is something we are happy to encourage and support. Our aim is to always work together and ensure that together your oral health receives the best care possible even when seeking alternatives.

Discussing your options with the team.

Taking the first step and contacting your dentist  is an excellent way to begin or continue your dental journey. Whether suffering from nerves, looking for second opinions or just starting out on your journey we will work with you to ensure that each step of the way you are supported and guided throughout.

Once you open communication with the dental team we can begin to provide you with the support and knowledge you require to keep your oral health in the best condition possible.

When dental restoration involves replacing teeth, our dentist in Marylebone can make a seamless addition to your smile by using the latest technology and advanced

With restorative dentistry, we always attempt to repair and reconstruct before replacing teeth. There really is nothing like your natural tooth, and even if it cannot be completely saved, as much healthy enamel and dentine as possible will be retained during a restoration process. But even with our best efforts, there are some scenarios where teeth have to be removed, and this can leave a gap in your smile.

We are very well equipped to meet any prosthodontic needs (prosthetic teeth) ranging from a full set of dentures to a small prosthetic inlay (a fragment of porcelain that is bonded flush to the surface of part of a tooth, usually the top surface of molars).

Let’s take a closer look at our most common fixed oral prosthetics.


Crowns have been around for a long time, and at Plowman and Partners, we are well-versed in both the most well-known of crowns, which is made of a gold alloy, and the most aesthetically subtle of crowns, polymer composite hybrid crowning.

Over the decades, there has been a shift in the philosophy behind crowning. It was common to remove a substantial quantity of the natural tooth as any remaining tooth would significantly reduce the lifespan of the crown and also obscure it once the crown had been fitted. This has flipped towards trying to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, and instead of shaving down the tooth to a peg, crowns have been designed to fit around the remaining tooth. We use detailed digital scanning techniques to record the shape of the remaining tooth before having a crown fabricated that will fit like a glove. This allows our dentist in Marylebone to save more of our patient’s natural teeth, whilst at the same time, we use surgical microscopes to be certain that we have accurately removed any residual decay.


Bridges have also altered over the lifespan of our practice. We still regularly carry out the traditional wired bridges; these are multiple crowns, and up to 3 are grouped on a structure and wired onto the adjacent teeth. However, we do this with great caution by taking x-rays of the surrounding teeth and being mindful of the additional pressure and risk put on them by having to support the bridge.

The real progress in bridgework has been their pairing with dental implants. By using a pair of dental implants to work as the endpoints for the bridge, there is no stress put on the adjacent teeth (assuming that the jaw is healthy). Therefore, this can be an excellent alternative with a much longer lifespan than wired crowns.

Always moving forward

We’ve always kept up with the times in our clinic. With our emphasis on proper staff training, skills development and the use of new technologies, our dentist in Marylebone will always have great ways of providing restorative care.

Endodontics is all about carrying out procedures underneath a living tooth; you may be wondering how exactly our dentist in Marylebone manages to do

We hope you’ve been lucky enough to never have a dental abscess, but if you have one, a root canal treatment is your best friend. Our dentist in Marylebone has made it a point to perform root canals to high standards with great accuracy by investing in training and modern surgical equipment, such as surgical microscopes. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk more about how root canals are performed and what we do here at Plowman & Partners.

The root of the root canal

There are several endodontic procedures performed by our dentist in Marylebone, but the most common one by far is the root canal. It is very suitable for dental abscesses, and the treatment is broken down into a set of phases.

Phase one involves the top of the infected tooth being opened with an access hole that goes down into the root of the tooth to allow the pulp to be removed. At this stage, we may need to widen the access hole and will do so with a set of files, but you won’t feel a thing.

Once widened, the hole will allow access to the abscess beneath the tooth; it can then be drained through the tooth and thoroughly cleaned. The final step is a full tooth filling; this starts below the tooth in the void left by the tip of the root where the abscess once was. The filling extends through the entire length of the tooth to the access hole which was formed at the beginning of the procedure.

Once the procedure has been completed, our team may prescribe you a course of antibiotics; this will help to clear up any lingering infections and kill any bacteria that may have spread from the abscess into surrounding soft tissues.

It might surprise you to find out that a complicated part of this entire process is winding roots; tooth roots are rarely straight. This is particularly true with molars as they have multiple roots that are often tangled amongst each other, greatly complicating the process. Due to this, our dental team may encounter restricted access with teeth further back in the mouth.

Should we have concerns about the structure of your roots or the potential complexity of an upcoming root canal, we will discuss these with you and may recommend referring you to an endodontic specialist to complete the treatment.

Meeting a challenge

We meet challenges with the excellence and professionalism you would expect from a well-established clinic and continually invest in the highest standards of staff training and dental equipment. Our success rate at treating abscesses is very high, ensuring that no matter how bad the dental abscess is, it is highly unlikely to recur in the future.

If you have concerns about having a root canal or questions relating to aftercare, please feel free to contact our team at Plowman & Partners.

What is multi-specialist dental care? How is it different from normal dental care? This is a good question and it’s what sets our dentist in Marylebone apart from the general structure of dental care in the UK. So let’s learn a bit more about

The structure of healthcare is something that anyone who has attended a GP’s practice is familiar with. The idea is that a general practitioner can deal with the majority of common cases, identify the need for further tests and refer a case to specialist care when it becomes necessary. What’s less obvious is that the same system is used for dental care. The average high street dentist in Marylebone operates as a kind of dental GP, sending their patients on to a specialist in endodontics, complicated root canals or orthodontics when they come across severely misaligned teeth.

Muiti-specialist clinic

Plowman & Partners is where multi-specialist dental care is different; rather than a general practitioner of dentistry and you potentially needing to be referred to a specialist, we offer a collection of specialists, covering a wide area of dentistry under one roof. If you are referred on, it is a matter of crossing the hallway into one of the other clinics rather than having a rebooked appointment potentially on the other side of the city.

This streamlines your dental care whilst also ensuring that the right person for the job can be used in a normal clinic. A general dentist in Marylebone will perform basic procedures, including orthodontic care if it is relatively straightforward; all other forms will be carried out by a specialist.

We have specialists in restorative dentistry, endodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics (dentures and fitted bridges), as well as associate specialists in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry. We are also able to offer the service of a specialist in orthodontics as well as our hygienist.

Between our expensive body of specialists, there is very little in dentistry that we cannot tackle, providing you with the peace of mind that your treatment schedule will address whatever dental challenges you may be facing in a very comprehensive manner.

Urgent dental care

We do provide urgent dental care during our regular operating hours. Please feel free to contact the clinic, and our reception staff will be able to either give you a same-day appointment or advise you on your best options.

We are a private dental clinic, and after the initial consultation and the drafting of a treatment plan, your bill will be provided. Payments are accepted by cash, credit card or cheque. On our website, we display a loose guide to our fees if you want more information or would like to inform us of your health insurance provider.

We are happy to take queries outside of working hours and will get back to you as soon as we return to the clinic. When leaving a message for us, please ensure that you include your telephone number and outline the nature of your query so that we can get you the information you need.

What does a dentist do?dentist-marylebone

The role of a dentist is to help patients maintain good dental hygiene through professional advice and treatments, keeping their teeth and gums in top condition. They will perform various assessments to determine whether their patient suffers from dental issues and will treat such problems that show up. At Plowman & Partners, we have dental professionals who are committed to personalising dental treatment plans to suit every individual.

There are many dental problems our dentist in Marylebone can remedy and help a patient overcome. We have modern dental equipment that our dentist uses to diagnose and treat dental problems effectively. These include x-ray machines, lasers, drills, brushes, scalpels and various other tools. Our professionals always adhere to safety regulations by wearing protective gear like gloves, masks, and safety glasses to mitigate bacterial contamination and the spread of germs.

Why you should visit our dentist

We offer the services of highly qualified dentists and recommend that patients visit our dentist in Marylebone at least once in six months. The first reason is preventive care; our dentists will check to see if there are any signs of dental issues such as tooth decay so that they can be addressed before the problems progress. We recommend regular checkups as this will help keep serious dental problems at bay.

We offer dental services where one of our professionals will clean your teeth by removing plaque and tartar buildup, which could otherwise result in gum disease and tooth decay. Our dentists will advise you on the proper habits to maintain good dental hygiene.

The second reason is to ease your suffering from any current dental problems. If you feel pain in your teeth, jaws or gums or experience swelling in your neck or face, then we advise that you see our dentist in Marylebone as soon as possible. We believe that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dental health. For instance, if you notice that your gums are bleeding or have difficulty in chewing or swallowing, this may be an indication of infection from plaque. Therefore, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with us to treat this.

The third and final reason is maintenance and health. We believe that if you have gone through a dental treatment recently, it is important to pay frequent visits to the dentist to make sure that everything is in order. For instance, if you are a tobacco user, then our dentist can help monitor your health to ensure that no issues arise.

What are some habits that will help you maintain good dental hygiene?

There are many different steps you can take to maintain good dental hygiene. The first and foremost is brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing whenever possible.

You should also be mindful of your diet. Try to avoid foods that contain too much sugar. Furthermore, taking steps to get rid of habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can do wonders for your dental health. Finally, always opt for foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help maintain good dental hygiene as well as overall health.

What does our dentist do?dentist-in-marylebone

The tasks of our dentist include diagnosing dental diseases, advising about good dental health, creating personalised treatment plans to maintain or restore the dental health of our patients, examining x-rays and diagnostic tests, administering anaesthetics, monitoring the growth of the teeth and jaws and conducting surgeries on teeth, bone and soft tissues.

Our dentists are professionals who always make sure that patients enjoy excellent oral health. Yet, some dental diseases are still prevalent amongst the population. Dental disease can be routine or highly complex. We have an experienced and qualified dentist in Marylebone, here at Plowman & Partners, who will help individuals acquire and maintain good dental hygiene and health habits.

We have professionals whose areas of care revolve around not just the teeth and gums but also the muscles of the head, neck, jaw and tongue and even the salivary glands. During an examination, our dentist in Marylebone will examine your teeth and gums and check to see whether there are swellings, discolourations or any other abnormalities.

What are some common dental problems that we can treat?

There are many different types of dental health problems our dentists can detect that vary in severity. These include bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, mouth sores and tooth erosion. If such issues are diagnosed, our experienced professionals will work to fix them by offering patients suitable dental treatments.

What are the treatment options that our dental team can offer?

We have many different treatment options available, depending on the dental problems of a patient. We can offer fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, braces and root canals and often recommend these treatment options to help individuals with various dental problems. The dental health solutions that we offer will help you take care of your dental health in the long run.

What do our dentists recommend doing to have good dental hygiene?

We recommended that you visit our dentist in Marylebone at least once a year to ensure that everything regarding your dental health is in order. We also recommend brushing and flossing regularly to keep your mouth clean and thus limit the possibility of tooth decay. Moreover, what you eat affects your teeth so, always stick to healthy food to maintain good dental hygiene.

Why is dental health important?

Recent studies have pointed out the connections between dental health and numerous general health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, it is in your best interest to attend regular dental checkups with our team. We offer high-quality services through which we can detect and remedy dental health issues, paving the way for improved overall wellbeing.

Regardless of how old you are or your dental health condition, our team at Plowman & Partners is committed to making a difference in your life and is sure that our services will have a positive impact on your overall life. So, don’t wait any longer! Contact our team today to find out more about how you can improve your dental health.

At Plowman & Partners, we understand how damaging to your self-esteem it can be when you do not like the appearance of your smile. That is why we offer an array of treatments alongside our general check-ups to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your smile by the time you are leaving our practice. Our dentist in Marylebone can help with all sorts of different insecurities that you may have, such as replacing missing teeth, straightening out crooked ones or even just whitening them to make sure that they are free from stains and discolouration. If there is something about your smile that you are not happy with then we recommend that you arrange a suitable time for a consultation appointment, so you can discuss the issues that you are having with one of our

An assortment of treatments for all kinds of smiles

Our dentist in Marylebone understands that no two smiles are the same, which is why they always create a personalised treatment plan, to ensure that you are getting the most out of both our practice and the treatments we have to offer. If you have crooked teeth then you may want to find out more about the straightening appliances that we offer. Having an even, straight smile can improve the way that people feel about themselves in general, especially when it comes to showing off their smile in public. Another thing that people often worry about is the colour of their teeth. Over time teeth become discoloured, especially if someone smokes or consumes a lot of tea. Stains can become visible, and this can cause teeth to look yellow instead of white. At Plowman & Partners, we offer teeth whitening treatment to brighten your smile by several shades, reducing the appearance of stains and leaving your smile looking fresh. You can discuss how many shades brighter you would like your teeth to appear and also choose whether you would like your treatment to be carried out within our practice or from within the comfort of your own home, where you are in charge of your treatment.

Try not to worry about losing teeth

When teeth start to fall out or a tooth is knocked out in an accident people often go into a panic. Horrible thoughts flash through their mind about gaps in their smile, not being able to eat chewy foods and even not being able to pronounce their words properly in some cases. Sometimes it might feel like you will never smile again, but our dentist in Marylebone is here to help you. We offer dental implant treatment, so you can replace any number of teeth and still have them look and feel exactly like your original ones. This treatment makes sure that your jawbone stays stimulated which helps to prevent it from disintegrating after tooth loss and prevents your face from looking older prematurely too, and the treatment itself can provide results that last for longer than ten years in some cases. You can benefit from this treatment regardless of how many teeth you are missing, but how many screws you need to have inserted into your jawbone and which appliance you will need attached to them will depend upon how many teeth you are replacing.

During our lives we will all find that we may need some form of dental intervention, this could be anything from having our teeth examined to ensure they are fine, to having a tooth extracted to prevent discomfort or damage. The important thing is not to ignore the first signs that indicate to us that we may need to visit the dentist in Marylebone, as early treatment of any condition can be stopped from escalating into something worse.marylebone-dentist

Adults need to recognise that there is a strong need to take their own advice and take the time to look after oral health and address any issues as early as possible, as we all tell our children about the importance of visiting the dentist.

There needs to also be a recognition that our dentist in Marylebone at Plowman & Partners may offer more than check-ups and treatments, as we, like many dentists, are prevention-focused. This means that we are looking to be able to offer strategies that seek to preclude the development of any oral problems. This could take the form of offering the patient some advice that will enhance their oral cleaning routine or referring the patient to another dental professional, such as a dental hygienist.

Using preventive techniques to avoid the need for dental treatment

While preventive dental techniques offer no cast-iron guarantees they can still prove very helpful when used in the correct way, they should be seen as a vital tool in the front line fight for good oral health and hygiene. The dental hygienist can play a key role in this fight, as they bring a new set of skills and techniques to the attention of the patient, with the hope they will engage with them and start to enjoy a higher standard of oral hygiene by doing so.

One of the dental hygienist’s main roles within the dental practice centres around assisting patients to maintain a good standard of cleanliness within the mouth, this helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy. The hygienist will also be able to spot the warning signs that issues are developing and ask our dentist to become more involved in a patient’s case, providing treatment where required.

The dentist is not as bad as people think

We understand that many people have a fear of the dentist, but there is no need for this as our dentist is someone who wants to help patients resolve their oral problems in a way that best suits their needs. We want to try to help you avoid the need for invasive dental treatment and maintain your natural teeth wherever possible.

The strongest tool for this the dentist can call on are the check-ups they carry out on the patient, which allow them to monitor the patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth. This helps to stop any issues as they are developing and allows the action to be taken early that may help the patient avoid serious oral problems. At the check-ups our dentist can also use the time to discuss any concerns with the patient and develop a treatment plan if necessary.

It’s important

Visiting the dentist in Marylebone should be seen as one of the most important things for patients to do, by visiting us for regular check-ups the patient increases their chances of them enjoying a high level of oral hygiene and health.

We all need to recognise the importance of making regular visits to the dentist in Marylebone, this allows us to have our oral hygiene and health monitored properly by a trained dental professional. By going for check-ups as recommended by our dentist it allows us to prevent any serious issue from occurring, staving off the need to undergo any complex invasive dental

Most people seem to believe that oral hygiene is only concerned with monitoring the condition of the teeth, but when we consider oral hygiene fully, we must consider what is needed to ensure good health for the entire mouth, including the gums and lips.

We accept that many people find visiting the dentist a daunting task, as none of us really like the idea of having someone examining the inside of our mouths and the thought of having a dental procedure using dental tools is a level of anxiety that many may find hard to overcome. But it is so important that people are encouraged to engage with a dentist in Marylebone at our practice Plowman & Partners, that way they can probably avoid the dental consequences that may scare them so much.

Another way for people to engage with our local dental practice

For those who might find the idea of engaging with a dentist hard to deal with there could be another avenue they may want to consider, that still introduces them to the dental surgery environment. They may want to think about visiting the dental hygienist, this will give them a much gentler introduction to the dental practice environment.

The dental hygienist’s role is far different to the role of the dentist, and they do not perform treatments such as fillings or root canals that use dental equipment that even the toughest of people may find hard to cope with.

The dental hygienist’s main role is to assist patients to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene and health, by helping them understand what they can do to improve their oral cleaning routines, giving tips about better ways of brushing and flossing. This is one of the techniques that can aid in forming the basis of a preventive dental routine, with the hope of lessening the need for invasive dental treatment.

Of course, the best use of a dental hygienist is when they work directly with a dentist, who can monitor a patient’s oral hygiene progress and offer any advice and support to back up the preventive nature of the work carried out by the hygienist.  This should then in turn lead to fewer risks from gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque build-up, increasing the chances of someone enjoying the benefits that come with a high standard of oral health.

Having the teeth professionally cleaned is always a good idea

Another role of the dental hygienist is to clean the patient’s teeth professionally, to remove any plaque that may have built up, this helps to reduce the risks posed by tooth decay and gum disease. Having the teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist, using the equipment and paste available to them, will always benefit the patient.

Easy way in

If someone is looking for an easy, gentle way to interact with our dentist in Marylebone they may want to consider the idea of engaging with our dental hygienist first.

As adults we all teach our children about the importance of looking after their teeth, teaching them that they need to brush them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before they go to bed. Hopefully, this is a message that stays with them throughout their lives, meaning they may stand a greater chance of avoiding serious dental issues that may need invasive dental treatment, such as

Still, as adults how good are we when it comes to taking our own advice? More and more adults are starting to ignore the simple things they need to do to maintain a good standard of oral health. By letting standards slip these adults have started to put themselves at risk of developing serious dental issues, this may then lead to a visit being needed to Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone.

If we are to set a good example for our children to follow, we need to take the lead, allowing them to see us doing the things we need to do to look after our teeth. So, if we are telling them they need to clean their teeth twice a day, then they need to see us cleaning our teeth twice a day.

Equally, if we are telling our children they need to go to the dentist for check-ups and treatment, then we need to go to the dentist in Marylebone alongside them. This will encourage the development of good habits that will last them a lifetime. Hopefully, ultimately, they will teach these habits to their own children.

Remembering the importance of attending check-ups

If an adult is going to skip or ignore any appointment they may have booked with a dentist, then it is more than likely going to be one of the regular dental check-ups. It’s recommended that we all attend these check-ups and we do not play down the importance they play in managing our oral health and hygiene, which is vital.

The dentist uses these check-ups to monitor the progress of someone’s oral health and hygiene. Charting an individual’s oral hygiene habits and progress can be helpful for the early intervention in any issues and help to prevent the need for dental treatment of an invasive nature being used.

Another use for the regular dental check-up is the fact it allows the dentist to have time to have a conversation with the patient about any concerns either of them has, and this is a helpful tool that should be used to monitor the patient’s oral hygiene and health progress. Where topics are identified to be discussed and addressed, the dentist may make recommendations or refer the patient on to another professional, such as a dental hygienist.

The dental appointment is not just about the teeth, it is about the entire mouth. The dentist will use this time to examine the individual teeth, the gums, and the oral cavity. Where needed a treatment plan can be drawn up in cooperation with the patient.

Final thought

We all must attend the dentist in Marylebone for regular check-ups, that way we can be sure that we can enjoy the best oral health and hygiene standards possible.

If you feel you have neglected your dental health contact us to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.