London may be your base, but if you travel a lot, you may only be in the city for short periods. This can make getting the dental care you need a bit of a headache, especially if your dental needs require more focused attention on specific problems beyond the realms of general dentistry.

Dentist in MarylboneFar better to be registered with a dentist in Marylebone where you can access highly focussed treatments from dentists who have gone beyond general dentistry into the various specific areas of dentistry.

At Plowman & Partners, in the heart of London’s medical district, you have access to a team of 6 partners and 2 associate dentists, all of whom have undertaken extensive postgraduate training. We act as referral dentists for other general dentists, who rely on us to provide the treatments they cannot.

This means that when you come to the dentist in Marylebone, if you need more focussed care, we can provide it in-house, building a programme of treatment between us that will take care of all your dental needs.

Prevention rather than cure

Prevention is at the heart of our treatment ethos, and we place great emphasis on preventive dentistry. Making sure you receive regular hygienist sessions is key to preventing problems caused by the build-up of plaque, such as decay and gum disease. Both eventually lead to tooth loss.

When you have a foundation of good oral health, it’s possible to build on that with cosmetic dental treatments that make healthy teeth into beautiful teeth.

For example, your teeth might be in great condition but not so great to look at because they are stained or discoloured. Teeth whitening can remove stains and brighten up dull teeth.

We also use veneers to cover over superficial surface damage such as chips and worn edges. And we can replace dark metal amalgam fillings with white fillings. We can also use braces and other devices to reposition wonky teeth.

If you’d like to use Plowman & Partners as your dentist in Marylebone, then the first step is to fill in the form on our website to request a copy of our brochure. Or you can call us to find out more.

When you are looking for a dentist in Marylebone, what are your requirements? At Plowman & Partners, more than 9 decades of private dental care in the heart of London’s medical district has taught us much about what our patients need.

Dentist in MarylboneWe have found that patients look for years of experience backed up by high level qualifications and continuing professional development. Just like medicine, dental research and development has leapt forward in the past couple of decades.

As a dentist in Marylebone with a long history of excellence in knowledge and patient care, our partners make a point of being able to deliver the latest treatments and techniques using high quality materials and equipment. That’s why we don’t just treat our own register of patients, other dentists also refer their patients to us when they need more than simple general dentistry treatments.

Who are we? We are a partnership of four dentists: Guy Robertson, Graham Bailey, Jack M Mirza and Duncan Edworthy. We each have our own in-depth knowledge in a particular area of dentistry. If you have a look at our website you will be able to read our biographies. See that number below our names? That’s our registration number at the General Dental Council. This will tell you all about the qualifications in focussed areas that have been legally recognised.

We also work with 2 associates: Lochana Nanayakkara and Fiona S Ryan, who bring in more skills and knowledge to the practice.

All our work is backed up by a great team of nurses, hygienists, and administrators and receptionists, all dedicated to making sure that your treatments at the dentist in Marylebone are second to none.

Knowledge and care

At Plowman & Partners, we believe that knowledge and skills are nothing without care. A gentle, caring approach underlies all our work.

We understand that even the bravest of people can find a visit to the dentist very daunting, which is why we combine professional excellence with non-judgmental care. Tell us if you are feeling scared and we will find ways to relax you and make your visit to the dentist in Marylebone a positive one that can transform how you feel about future visits.

Visiting the dentist in Marylebone is vital for your dental health. They can pick up issues with your teeth in the early stages and prevent them from becoming big problems. This is why you need to have regular visits even if you feel like your teeth are perfectly healthy. This is much easier to do if you feel positive and relaxed about your visit. Following some handy tips from Plowman & Partners will help with this.

Dentist in MarylbonePick your appointment time

We do our best to accommodate you with an appointment time that works for.

If you prefer first thing in the morning, Plowman & Partners open at 9am. From Monday to Thursday, we are open until 6pm so you can get an appointment in after work.

The easier it is to fit your dental work into your day, the more likely you are to make time for your appointments.

Talk to us

We love communicating with our patients. Talking about treatments and patient care is what the team at Plowman & Partners have trained for. We can break down any treatment into manageable sections and explain each one to you in a concise and jargon-free way. The more you know, the more relaxed you are likely to feel. When people are nervous about a treatment, it’s usually because they think it will be more difficult than it actually is. A little chat and everything will feel much better.

Look at our whole range

We offer a wide range of treatments to meet your essential and elective dental needs. Whether you want ongoing hygiene management to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, or you want to fill gaps in your smile with excellent restoration work, our team can help.

You may already know what you want and it’s a just a matter of making an assessment to see if your desired treatment is right for you. Or you might want a smile consultation where the dentist in Marylebone can make suggestions about refinements that will benefit your look in the long-term.

The first step is talking to our friendly admin team and making an appointment. We hope to see you soon at the dentist in Marylebone.

Getting ready to visit the dentist in Marylebone can cause a little hesitation for anyone. Usually, it’s because you don’t know what will happen. While we can’t predict every scenario you will come across when you visit Plowman & Partners, we can go through a few so you can begin to see that we will support you completely regardless of what happens.

Dentist in MaryleboneIf you have nerves or fear around visiting the dentist in Marylebone, let us know before or at the start of your appointment. We will shape your appointment to help you feel better and hopefully start you on a path of having positive dental experiences.

General check-up

This is probably the most common dental appointment. We’ll be checking your teeth for any issues and making minor repairs or suggesting further treatments. We don’t judge you on the condition of your teeth or do anything without letting you know what will happen. If you prefer, your dentist in Marylebone can give you a running commentary as they go along so you are informed at every step.

Teeth whitening

This is a popular cosmetic treatment. What’s great about our teeth whitening is that you get to choose how you would like the treatment to go. Either you can have in-clinic whitening in a surprisingly short timeframe or you can choose at-home whitening with dental-grade equipment. Either way, you can look forward to a beautiful new smile.

Straightening teeth

Long-term dental treatments can seem like a big commitment to begin with. However, when it comes to teeth straightening, the results are worth it and designed to last a long time. You will need to visit us a number of times over the course of treatment, so we make sure that each visit is smooth and easy. We know that most of your dental care takes place at home, so we give you lots of advice on caring for your teeth straightening equipment so that your teeth stay healthy and fresh. Cosmetic braces are an increasingly popular choice for adults largely due to the range of invisible braces options that are low-impact when it comes to your look.

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