The location of the dental practicedentist-in-marylebone

Plowman & Partners have been providing the highest standards of private dental care since 1922 when the practice was first established on Queen Anne Street. Residing in a comfortable, modernised, Grade II listed building, surrounded by leading medical companies, enables its patients to recognise the high standard of care they will receive. Each highly qualified partner is recognised as a specialist  within their field, which enables the practice to provide a unique in-house service to each patient. This means that whether providing a routine check-up appointment or a complex dental procedure Plowman & Partners are able to provide the highest quality service all within one dental practice. Continuingly striving to administer the best possible care and service to each patient.

The dental team

Whilst location is often one of the main contributing factors as to where a patient goes for their dental check-ups, treatments and procedures, another contributing factor is that of the dental team. This is apparent from the way the reception team approaches each conversation with patients through to how the dentist treats the patient.

Our dental team and dentist in Marylebone have a firm understanding of how important it is to provide excellent patient care before, during and after each appointment. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, new to the practice or are a regular patient, rest assured that each of our dental team has a sympathetic and understanding nature.

Do I need to visit a variety of dentists to receive different treatments?

Our practice prides itself on its level of expertise provided, as each member of the team has carried out additional postgraduate training in numerous dental fields to provide our patients with the best care possible. The practice is also recognised as specialists by the General Dental Council. Due to our broad knowledge of a variety of dental treatments and procedures, we are able to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to each of our patient’s needs whilst maintaining a high standard of care. This means that your routine dental check-ups through to root canal treatments and various other treatments and procedures are covered by our practice. By providing a team that covers every part of maintaining a winning smile, we can ensure that our patients never feel uncertain about any part of their care and feel comfortable with each part of the process. This includes everything from booking an appointment, to discussing the treatments with the dental team, through to having the procedure carried out and the aftercare. At every stage of the process we pride ourselves on having the knowledge to support our patients and provide them with an unprecedented standard of care.

Dental referrals

Whilst our practice can offer the multidisciplinary approach to dental care, we understand that this is not possible for all practices. Therefore we accept dental referrals, but maintain a strong ethical approach with the referring practices as to how we deal with their patients. By working closely with the referring practice we can ensure that the regular dental practice is fully informed of every decision made and is even invited to attend each appointment with their patient.

Please note, we encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice from our dental team about any intended treatment.

Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance and at our dental practice we are strong believers that prevention is better than cure. If a regular visit to see our dentist in Marylebone can prevent a variety of dental problems throughout various stages of your life, then we are all for the preventive method.marylebone-dentist

Our dental practice offers a highly rated hygiene service which is the cornerstone of our preventive programme, as it is the front line against gum disease which can cause foul breath, bleeding and eventually tooth loss. This is why we strongly promote our hygiene services, a healthy oral hygiene routine is still regarded as the most effective way to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent future dental problems.

Uncomfortable visiting a dental practice?

We at Plowman and Partners are fully aware that some patients have a fear or feel uncomfortable about visiting the dentist. Our dentist in Marylebone therefore ensures that they do everything they can to put all of our patients at ease by following a caring and modern approach to our service. At our dental practice we aim to provide each of our patients with modern treatments and procedures which are minimally invasive and provide minimal discomfort. By maintaining these methods we ensure that each visit is as relaxing as possible and are always happy to discuss further requirements with our patients. We want each individual patient to feel entirely comfortable with all aspects of their time in our care.

What treatments and procedures are offered?

Please see a brief outline of each procedure and treatment offered with our dentist in Marylebone. For further information on any of those mentioned please contact our dental practice.

  1. Hygiene education and periodontics are two treatments that are offered by our practice. These highlight the potential flaws in your regular oral hygiene routine and support your journey to healthy teeth and gums.
  1. Dental implants are a modern dentistry method used to replace missing teeth. These small titanium screws support various restoration methods such as crowns, bridges and dentures. This particular procedure is popular due to the stability provided within the mouth.
  1. Working with highly trained specialists in the field we are able to provide dental crowns, bridges and dentures to patients who have damaged or lost a tooth or multiple teeth.
  1. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry used for the realignment of misaligned teeth and issues such as an overbite, crossbite or underbite. Our dental team works with patients of all ages to ensure that all possible options are discussed, whether it be the traditional metal brace or the new modern clear aligners. We aim to provide you with a treatment that will not hinder your confidence and cause very minimal discomfort if any at all.
  1. Along with necessary dental work we also offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers and cosmetic fillings. Whilst cosmetic treatments are sometimes considered unnecessary, we at Plowman and Partners understand the importance of having confidence in your smile. Therefore we happily offer a variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures alongside the necessary medical ones.

Please note, as with all treatments and procedures any form of treatment provided is subject to being appropriate for the patient concerned.

  • A high standard of dental oral hygiene is the leading preventive method to address most dental issues later in life. Therefore two services which we offer with our dentist in Marylebone are that of our highly rated hygienist service and our periodontics service. Our hygienist service will provide patients with an in depth clean which is usually recommended by our dentist in Marylebone to be on a 6 monthly basis. By attending these appointments your daily oral health routine can be monitored and we can advise you, our patient, with methods of keeping on top of it all. Alongside this is the treatment of gums which is where the periodontics appointment comes in useful. Healthy teeth and healthy gums are a massive aid to preventing potential dental problems later in life. By keeping on top of your own oral hygiene and tweaking it when advised to, future problems such as gum disease and tooth loss are often
  • When tooth loss has occurred whether through an accident or due to previous dental care issues, a common modern procedure is to have small titanium screws known as dental implants applied. These small cylinder screws are placed into the jaw and promote healthy bone growth, whilst providing a stable base for tooth restoration methods such as bridges, crowns and dentures. Fears of dentures falling out or slipping about whilst eating are therefore removed. By offering a variety of services at our dentist in Marylebone we are hopefully assisting our patients to keep or gain confidence in their smile.
  • As mentioned above, dental crowns and bridges are a great way to restore teeth whether it is single tooth loss or multiple teeth. When comprehensive cases of restoration are needed by our patients or a more complex case arises, we ensure that our dental team works alongside highly regarded specialists in this field. This allows us to reassure you that we are providing you with the best possible care and giving you the best methods of restoration. After all we strive to achieve our best with every individual case presented to us.
  • An extremely common treatment is carried out within our orthodontics department. Braces and aligners are frequently used for cases of misalignment, overbite, underbite and crossbite. At our dental practice we use both the traditional brace method and the more modern treatment of clear aligners. Whilst the modern clear aligners are often the more preferred treatment method it is important to understand that each method is suited to different alignment cases. For this reason we offer advice on both and will create a treatment plan which is suitable for your individual case, whether it be the traditional method or more modern methods.

Are all the treatments on a necessity basis only, or is cosmetic dentistry also offered?

Whilst cosmetic treatments are sometimes considered unnecessary, we at Plowman and Partners understand the importance of having confidence in your own smile. Therefore no treatment, whether cosmetic or medical related, is considered unnecessary. Each treatment and procedure offered has the end goal of providing the patient with a healthy set of teeth and a smile that they can be confident in.

At Plowman and Partners’ dental practice we know that gaining a rapport with our patients is of the utmost importance and if we were to provide only basic general dental care and outsource other treatments we would not be providing you, our patient, with the best service we can offer. Therefore each member of our dental team has undergone further training to ensure that we are able to provide you with a number of treatment options and make certain you know the team and feel comfortable with your dentist in

Whilst our practice has the facilities to offer a variety of treatments, we at Plowman and Partners understand that this is not always possible for every practice. We therefore accept dental referrals and have an excellent reputation within the field of dentistry. Each of our highly qualified partners are recognised by the General Dental Council as specialists and this fact enables us to provide an excellent in-house referral service as a dentist in Marylebone. This allows swift, secure referrals to occur keeping you, the patient, feeling as comfortable with the process as possible.

How does a referral work?

Working with other dentists and their patients requires a strong ethical approach, as personal data will need to be shared between the practices. Therefore we ensure that our practice’s GDPR procedures are of the highest standards. All clinical notes, radiographs and any other relevant information will always be transferred to your own dental practice, as we at Plowman and Partners are merely providing you with a service which is not available at your own individual practice. We are not taking over your future dental care, just lending our services out to you on a temporary basis. This does not mean that we will not accept you as a patient at our dental practice, if you wanted to transfer over to us, a discussion would need to occur with your regular dental team first, as we follow a strong ethical approach to all referrals.

Sometimes unexpected complications may appear upon seeing your diagnostic tests, therefore all possible options will be discussed with your regular dentist to begin with, as it may be that they are capable of carrying out the treatment. If this is not the case then we will happily provide the required service and can also accommodate your regular dentist should they wish to attend the appointment with you, their patient.

What are the fees for treatments?

Our dentist in Marylebone understands that the cost of treatments can be at the forefront of our patients’ minds when deciding whether to go ahead. As each case is treated individually all our fees are presented as a rough guide only. We are also very aware that upfront payments are not always feasible and therefore offer a payment plan where the treatments can be paid in instalments throughout the treatment process. Please feel free to discuss this with our team so that we can work on providing you with all the possible options.

It is easy to choose our dentist in Marylebone as your go-to dental health provider. Whether you want to correct your bite, whiten your teeth or save a tooth, Plowman & Partners has the reliable services of a dentist in Marylebone that you need. Many patients only think of visiting a dental clinic in times of a dental emergency, but the routine dental care offered by a dentist in Marylebone does so much more than relieve you of the sensitivity, pain and discomfort experienced due to decayed teeth or gum infections – regular professional dental check-ups safeguard oral health and ensure that a patient keeps their aesthetically pleasing smile for

What can our dental practitioners do for you?

Carry out routine oral health checks

Our well-experienced dentists do more than check for cavities or identify red flags of gum disease. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to detect additional dental health concerns such as mouth cancer, mobile tooth movement, the need for orthodontic treatment and any other problem that may occur further down the line that would adversely impact oral health. Early intervention is critical to minimise the damage dental problems can cause if left untreated.

Provide comprehensive in-house dental care

Why go hunting for different dental practitioners for different dental problems when you can take care of all your dental needs at Plowman & Partners. Our team of well-abled dentists are suitably qualified to provide an array of dental treatments, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Make dental visits convenient

Having one dental clinic provide a broad spectrum of dental care often goes unappreciated, so we would like patients to consider a few related facts. One, because all treatments and procedures are offered in-house, much time is saved as there is no need to build a patient history file all over again; all relevant information and patient dental records are kept at one clinic and can be quickly accessed. Secondly, by having built a solid relationship that was nurtured over the years, patients know they can trust the care they receive at the hands of our dental team.

Ensuring your smile stays bright and healthy

In a society that has become obsessed with the selfie, the pressure placed on smiles to be everlastingly bright and beautiful has never been more extreme. As anyone with a less-than-ideal smile looking into corrective or cosmetic treatment will know, fixing smiles is an investment that extends beyond the monetary kind, so looking after one’s smile is a worthwhile objective. This is easy to do when you have the services of a friendly and caring dental practitioner to rely on.

At Plowman & Partners we are renowned for our modern approach to delivering caring and compassionate dental care. Our dental clinic is staffed by highly qualified dentists and support staff who are best placed to ensure patients receive efficacious treatment plans and that our processes are streamlined for efficiency. Our constant striving for excellence is evident in everything that we do, from communicating with our patients to the dentist-chair experience.

The best dental practitioners are distinguished by, not only delivering high-quality dental care, but also in the caring manner with which they treat their patients. Most patients know to look out for non-negotiable must-haves such as qualifications and experience when selecting a dentist in Marylebone, but equally important are other desirable qualities that contribute to exceptional patient care. Our dentist in Marylebone at Plowman & Partners’ dental clinic knows that the pleasant experience our patients receive at our dental clinic will do much to encourage a lifelong trusted dentist/patient relationship, as well as motivate a patient to take a greater interest in looking after their dental health.marylebone-dentist

What should a patient expect from a dentist in Marylebone?

To be treated as an individual

At our dental clinic each patient who walks through our doors is treated in the context of their own unique needs. We accomplish this by first and foremost, listening to you – your needs, wants and concerns are all factored into the dental care you receive. If you suffer anxieties about a dental procedure or a particular treatment, please speak to us.

Expect to be educated about your oral health

Our dental practitioners care enough to educate patients about their oral health, because we know that next to professional clinical dental care are the at-home practices patients carry out themselves. To ensure our patients hear and understand what we say, our dental practitioners will endeavour to explain dental issues, treatment plans and procedures in simple terms and in a meaningful way.

Manage patient anxieties

We do this by not only taking care of your physical pain, but also by providing a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere to soothe away your unease and apprehensions.

A dental practitioner who looks to reducing the strain on your wallet

Does the dentist suggest ways to save you money or pressurise you into unnecessary cost-heavy treatments and procedures? A trustworthy dental practitioner will work towards getting you the dental care that you need and not impose complex treatment plans when a simple one would do. For example can a small crack in enamel be filled in instead of having a crown or veneer?

A modern approach to dentistry

A dental practitioner that keeps updated with trends and techniques that help in delivering superior-quality, reliable care and promote an efficient dental care process that saves patients time and money, is a good indicator of a modern approach to dentistry. An accurate diagnosis of a dental problem provides the framework upon which an efficacious treatment plan can be based, and more often than not, having the latest available dental tools, equipment and technology supports pinpointing the precise problem.

With the caring and compassionate approach of our sympathetic dentist in Marylebone at Plowman & Partners dental clinic, dedicated to serving the dental needs of our patients, seeking dental care can be relaxing and comfortable. Our exceptional service is made distinguishable by our offer of a seamless dental care experience; there is no need to refer elsewhere, and our focused attention on meeting and exceeding patient expectations.

Let’s put a smile on your face

At Plowman & Partners, we have always been fully dedicated and committed to the safety and wellbeing of our patients. Following the most recent governmental precautionary and protective measures, our dentist in Marylebone has managed to provide those who need it with dental care – within an environment which carries health and safety to the highest possible

By keeping our service open during these troubling times, our practitioners can continue to do what they do best – putting smiles on people’s faces – at a time when they are most needed.

The importance of dental hygiene

Since our dentist in Marylebone first opened its doors in 1922, our practice has always aimed to provide patients with the highest standards of private dental care.

It is our belief, here at Plowman & Partners, that education is one of the most effective ways of preventing our patients needing any unnecessary treatments, no matter what age they are. This is why we are a dentist in Marylebone who has a strict focus towards preserving our patients’ oral health through the services of our hygienist.

What does a hygienist do?

Providing tips and useful advice about brushing techniques is just one aspect of the important role that our dental hygienist plays within our practice.

They also carry out thorough investigations and examinations of patients’ teeth, to identify any signs of periodontal disease – or gum disease. If any indicators are present that a patient’s gums or teeth are in poor health, then our hygienist will recommend to the patient’s dentist in Marylebone the correct course of action to get their teeth back to full health.

Another aspect of our hygienist’s role within Plowman & Partners is carrying out professional deep-cleaning of a patient’s teeth. This is through a procedure which is known as a ‘scale and polish’ which has become increasingly popular over recent months, as it has a transformative effect on a patient’s smile and leaves their teeth in full health – which has never seemed more important.

What is a ‘scale and polish’?

A scale and polish procedure is a two-stage cleaning process which is regularly carried out by our hygienists here at Plowman & Partners. The first stage of the procedure is commonly known as the ‘scrape’ and involves our hygienist using an ultrasound scraper – amongst other tools – to remove any build-ups of tartar and plaque.

This is extremely helpful in preserving the health of your teeth, as if plaque develops in the hard-to-reach spaces between teeth then it can develop into gum disease.

After any hidden pockets and build-ups of plaque have been removed, then follows the second stage in the process. This is called the ‘polish’ and involves the dentist using a polishing tool to buffer away any excess plaque, tartar or staining. The results of this are often similar to cosmetic whitening – only it is not a purely cosmetic treatment.

Anyone who is looking to restore their teeth to full health should contact us here at Plowman & Partners, and let us see what we can do to help. We are living through troubling times, and it pays to remember to smile – and by visiting us here at Plowman & Partners we can make sure you do exactly that.

Care with a smile

At Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone recognises that we are living through uncertain and often stressful times and that these times of stress can potentially take a toll on certain aspects of our health, such as our oral wellbeing. It is important to know that in our 98 years of service to the Marylebone community we have been by our patient’s side every step of the way – through good times and bad – and that this has not changed one iota. If you feel there is a chance that you have somewhat neglected your dental habits during the last month, you should contact our dentist in Marylebone to see if our hygienist services could get your smile back to full

What is a dental hygienist?

Our dental hygienists here at Plowman & Partners are fast becoming one of the most popular services which we provide here at our dentist in Marleybone. The principal duty of a dental hygienist is to make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they ought to be, rather than addressing a cosmetic problem. Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments are still widely popular, our dental hygienist has unsurprisingly risen in popularity over recent months because of their ability to restore a patient’s teeth to full health at a time where it is most important. Recognising the tell-tale signs of gum disease is another principal job which our dental hygienist carries out on a regular basis. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the most common causes of adult tooth loss and can also be the cause of several health issues throughout the body if treatment is not provided quickly. Luckily, our dental hygienists are well trained in spotting any onset indicators that gum disease is in development, and will make sure that the appropriate treatment is then sought out.

Scale & polish service

Another one of the principal duties that our dental hygienist regularly uses to keep all of our patient’s teeth at top health is a professional cleaning service called a ‘scale and polish’. This is a process which involves using an endodontic file to clean away any buildups or pockets of bacteria and plaque which might have formed between teeth and elsewhere in the patient’s mouth. Removing this plaque makes sure that a patient’s gums and teeth are at full health and that any risk of gum diseases is halted in their steps. A scale and polish is a two-step procedure which initially involves removing all plaque and tartar from between the patient’s teeth, before polishing their enamel until it is visibly fresher and shinier looking. The results of a scale and polish service are often visibly similar to cosmetic teeth whitening in their perceived effect on a patient’s appearance as any marks, stains and tartar are also removed during the two-step process. Anyone who is looking to fully restore their oral health should book a consultation with us here at Plowman & Partners whenever they can and let us clear away any plaque from their teeth and leave them with a visibly whiter, healthier smile.

Firmly committed to dental caredentist-in-marylebone

At Plowman & Partner, since we opened our practice in 1922, we have been fully committed and dedicated to doing all that we can to make sure that our patient’s get the highest possible degree of dental care and support. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic may have changed almost every aspect of our lives, the dedication which our dentist in Marleybone has to our patients is something which has remained completely unchanged. We recognise that there is a likelihood that many of our regular patients may have somewhat lessened their oral routines and perhaps fallen into bad habits throughout the recent lockdown measures. Anyone who feels this to be true however needn’t be too concerned, but rather they ought to arrange to have their teeth assessed by our expert dental hygienist to make sure that nothing nasty is in development which could potentially cause them damage or problems further down the line.

What can a hygienist do for me?

Many of those who visit our dentist in Marleybone do so to receive care from our hygienist. We believe firmly that the best possible treatment a patient can have is one which prevents treatments from being required at all, and this is something which our highly trained hygienists specialise in. One of the main jobs that our hygienist carries out is examining a patient’s teeth – and specifically their gums – for any signs of infection. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the most common cause of adult tooth loss after injury, and can potentially lead to numerous long-term health problems if it is not identified and treated quickly. Luckily, every hygienist at our dentist in Marleybone is well-versed at noticing the indicator of gum diseases in development, such as red gums or inflammation, and can make sure you get the care you need when you need it. Another service which our hygienists regularly carried out is called a ‘scale and polish’, which is a professional cleaning and polishing service which removes any plaque, tartar and stains from a patient’s teeth and leaves them in top physical condition so that patient’s needn’t worry about any gum or dental related issues arising over time.

Cosmetic care

Another popular reason for patients seeking treatment from us here at Plowman & Partners is to undergo cosmetic dental procedures. These cover a range of different aspects of dentistry, but all aim to solve one or more aesthetic issues which patients may have. The most popular of these treatments, and the most widely requested here at Plowman & Partners is cosmetic dental whitening. This is a procedure which aims to brighten and whiten a patient’s enamel through the application of a peroxide-based bleaching gel. This gel is placed within a custom made retainer which is formed to fit snugly and perfectly over each patient’s teeth. When worn with the bleaching gel inside it, the hydrogen-peroxide within the gel quickly begins to clear away any stains, marks or discolouration and leaves the patient’s teeth visibly whiter. There are a number of reasons as to why your enamel may be discoloured or duller, such as age or habits like smoking. However, if you are self-conscious about the shade of your teeth, rather than letting it get you down, you should simply contact us here at Plowman & Partners and arrange to speak to a professional cosmetic dentistry specialist about your whitening options.

Keeping you happydentist-in-marylebone

At Plowman & Partners, we are a dentist in Marylebone who firmly believes that a patient’s smile is the most important asset they possess. It is something which should be used every day and has the power to elevate both your own feelings, as well as the mood and feelings of those around you. However, we also recognise that there are a number of common cosmetic issues which patients have with their smiles which can potentially make smiling seem quite a challenge, and present us with feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Anybody who feels this way should waste no time in seeking out a dentist in Marylebone to see what we could be doing to help get your smile back.

What could a dentist in Marylebone do for me?

Many patients who seek out the aid of our revered and highly respected dentist in Marylebone do so to ensure that their current level of oral wellbeing is up to a healthy standard, through the aid of our expert hygienists. It is our opinion here at Plowman & Partners that the best treatment that patients can receive is education, and that preventing the need for any dental treatment from arising is the most beneficial thing which we can do for our patients. This is achieved, on the most part, through the expertise and advice of our dental hygienist who is always willing to provide tips about brushing and flossing techniques which patients can use to prevent the need for unnecessary dental visits further down the line. Our hygienists also carry out a professional and extensive cleaning service which removes any surface stains from a patient’s teeth, as well as any hidden pockets of plaque in the harder to reach areas between teeth. Alongside the services of our dental hygienists, many patient’s visit our dental practice here at Plowman & Partners to receive cosmetic dental treatment such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers – which can have a truly transformative effect on a patient’s smile, and how frequently they use it.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers, or just veneers, are a cosmetic treatment which can potentially treat a number of common aesthetic issues that patients have with their teeth through just one treatment. Veneers are a popular treatment choice for a number of celebrities and television personalities because they are both fast and effective and can practically build a whole new smile and solve issues such as gaps between teeth, stained teeth, chips or breaks all in just one simple treatment. Veneers are thin porcelain shells which are attached to the front and back of a patient’s tooth to effectively mask it entirely and give it a completely new look. It is possible to opt for single veneers in cases where one tooth is damaged, as well as a whole set of veneer in instances where patients are looking to give their smile a complete, cohesive makeover. If you are concerned about one or more aspects of how your smile looks, then perhaps veneer treatment could be the solution. To find out more, or to assess your eligibility for veneers then simply arrange a consultation with one of our experts at Plowman & Partners and begin your unique dental journey.