No one wants to go to dental check-ups more than they have to, but putting things off until symptoms become intrusive can often be counterproductive. We centre our care around hygiene and prevention because this minimises the need for intervention at our dentist in Marylebone. dentist-in-marylebone

The core of dental hygiene is to maintain a low bacterial load in the mouth and minimise the build-up of plaque. If left, in time it will calcify into tartar and provide the optimal conditions for cavities and decay.

Our role at Plowman & Partners, as a community dental clinic, is to maximise the health and wellbeing of all our patients and this involves modifying our treatment procedures to meet patients’ needs.

Education of younger patients

The education of young patients is one of the central pillars of what we do at our dentist in Marylebone and as simple or fundamental as it may seem, a heartfelt and and direct conversation creates a trusting relationship, that avoids many future treatments and introduces one of the first responsibilities in a child’s life; regular brushing of their teeth!

By using age-specific language and clear instructions, we pride ourselves on communicating with our patients of all ages in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Obstacles to dental hygiene

Obstacles to dental hygiene are tricky, and some of the most significant hurdles are phobias and anxiety related to the profession itself, or the individual patient’s perceived dental health. Often there are complicated feelings around receiving treatment, or how they will be assessed by our team. But we’re here to help and whatever ideas you might have about your oral health, we have almost certainly come across more complex cases at our dentist in Marylebone.

Recovery and reconstruction

When some of the preventive safeguards around oral health have been missed, recovery and reconstruction provide the next priority; stabilising any active decay and returning the function and appearance of your smile, along with establishing new maintenance routines. It can be genuinely surprising how much function can be returned and its overall effect on your self-esteem and everyday life can be extremely beneficial..

The most common issue with consistently limited oral hygiene is gum disease, which slowly creeps on and can easily catch up to patients who have often missed check-ups. Recovery can take many months if not overseen by our team and the extent of gum recession can also threaten the stability of the patient’s teeth.

Use of flossing and water picks

Flossing and water picks have the advantage of thoroughly removing plaque build-up from below the gum line and can be an important part of maintaining gum health, ensuring that tartar does not form in open gum pockets. Neither water picks or flossing are good at removing the bacterial film that develops across the surface of the tooth and are, therefore, ancillary to brushing rather than a replacement.

Guidance is an important aspect of recovery from gum disease, which has a long treatment process, requiring consistent diligence and support at our surgery. Hygienist appointments can be extremely useful in monitoring and maintaining that consistency of your gums, and should be on par with dental check-ups in cases of active gum disease.

Worried about confidentiality when you go to see your dental team? Most people have heard horror stories relating to celebrities having their ‘cosmetic information’ released, and you may be worried that this could happen to you. Our team will ensure confidentiality in all aspects of your care and treatment, and will aim to make any cosmetic enhancements appear natural. So, when it comes to talking with our dentist in Marylebone at Plowman & Partners, you can be certain that what happens in the treatment room stays in the treatment room. dentist-in-marylebone

Privacy standards we use

All records must comply with the Data Protection Act and as such, you have the right to access your records by submitting a request in writing. This protection is extended to all electronic records and their transmission with encryption. However, we have found that the majority of dental patients do not want their dental records released, unless of course, there is an issue with their treatment. Not likely when you come to see our team!

Discreet cosmetic care

Many patients looking to achieve their cosmetic goals wish to do so in a discreet and subtle way moving towards their ideal gradually. This can be facilitated with some treatments like clear aligner based orthodontics, or lightening teeth gradually over a series of treatments.

A combination of dental cosmetics with facial aesthetics can synergise well to radically change your appearance in a subtle but significant way. Please get in contact with us to find out more.

Dental veneers

You may think that dental veneers applied by our dentist in Marylebone would be noticeable. However, we will discuss with you exactly how you want the veneers to look, and will aim to make them appear as natural as possible.

If you want to talk to our team about having a more radical makeover with veneers, which will involve intense whitening, then we are happy to provide this too.


This is another treatment that can provide a subtle change to your smile, but can really boost your confidence. Our dentist in Marylebone will check that the type of bleaching we use is suited to the kind of staining that you have, so you will get the best results possible.


It can sound contradictory to have subtle orthodontic care, but when you come to see our team, you may be suitable for having minimally visible orthodontic care, such as invisible or clear aligners like Invisalign. These aligners are created from a scan of your teeth, and each aligner is moulded perfectly to slot over your teeth. They are also made from clear plastic, meaning that no one will be able to see that you are receiving orthodontic care unless you point it out.


It isn’t only cosmetic dental issues that people want to keep behind closed doors, so to speak. Even though almost everyone knows at least one person who is less than eager about getting into the dental chair, many people still feel a sense of shame relating to this. But don’t worry. Even if your entire family also attends our dental surgery, we will not disclose any confidential information to them, and will work with you to help you overcome your worries about seeing our team.

Dental reconstruction is a central part of what we do at our dentist in Marylebone, Plowman & Partners, allowing our patients to get back the lost function and aesthetics of their teeth. There are a lot of treatments that can be used in restoration, but let’s focus on two of the most important; crowns and bridges. dentist-in-marylebone

Function and aesthetics

Reconstruction has primarily been focused around returning function over aesthetics, often seeing cosmetic improvement as secondary. It is certainly true that teeth that appear attractive but are brittle and are causing discomfort are of little use, not only for the patient day to day, but also for the longevity of any cosmetic work. But the two are no longer separated by our team.

What are crowns?

Crowns are fixed prosthetics that are secured over the top of a prepared tooth,  The prosthetic itself is an enamel shell, with a metal or acrylic base. They are resistant to staining and wear, but will eventually require replacing; the longevity of the prosthetic is usually limited by the health of the underlying root.

Preparation of the tooth is vital for strong and long-lasting restoration. First, any active decay has to be removed, as it contains actively spreading bacteria which if allowed will spread down the root. The upper surface of the remaining tooth is modelled, traditionally this was done by taking a dental mould, but small handheld scanners give us the option of taking an accurate three-dimensional depiction of the tooth more quickly and conveniently. The surface is the interface between the prosthetic and the remaining tooth, so its accuracy is critical for the strength and longevity of the restoration.

What are bridges?

Bridges are sets of crowns affixed to one another; they can be used to replace large gaps in your smile of two to four teeth, bridging the vacant space. There are two main types of bridges; fixed and removable. Fixed bridges are more solid; they use a set of white loops to anchor themselves in place with less rocking, so they feel more natural. Unfortunately this relies on healthy teeth being available and also creates additional challenges when cleaning underneath the bridge. This makes the daily maintenance of removable bridges simpler and more akin to a partial denture.

The lifespan of a fixed bridge is shorter than that of replaceable ones, as they generate additional stress on the healthy teeth, potentially even cracking them over time. So, they require regular maintenance from our team.

What’s right for you?

During the reconstruction, there are lots of factors that have to be considered: the patient’s age, lifestyle, quality of adjacent teeth and whether any tooth decay is only in the top of the tooth or extended into its root.

This variety makes it very difficult to guess which reconstructions are appropriate without a  check-up at our dentist in Marylebone and setting a goal for the restoration. This is the role of our dentist in Marylebone and we will provide you with all the information you need and present the options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you have ever suffered the loss of a tooth or several teeth then you will understand the impact that any kind of tooth loss can have on someone’s mouth. It is a painful experience that no one should have to go through. dentist-in-marylebone

The biggest misconception is that the majority of people who lose teeth do so because they have poor oral health and hygiene standards, this simply is not true. Most adults who lose teeth will do so due to an accident of some kind, this can include a traffic accident that causes an impact to your mouth or jaw, or an injury on a sports playing field. You can include accidents within the home here as well.

After suffering tooth loss you may have looked into ways you can replace the loss by using dental devices such as bridges or dentures, which are used in cases of extreme tooth loss. However, you may feel that these devices do not fully meet your individual needs and aims as you are looking for a tooth loss solution that feels natural. The good news is that there is another option being offered at our dentist in Marylebone.

At Plowman & Partners, we have been helping patients to replace their lost teeth by using implants, this gives them a fixed-in-place solution that feels just like having their natural teeth back.

The benefits of replacing your teeth

There are benefits to you letting our dentist in Marylebone replace your teeth with implants that go far beyond those that can be seen by others. Firstly, if you have found that you have had to avoid eating tougher foods such as steak or nuts, as you normally suffer discomfort when trying to use the gum and jawbone to chew food, then replacing your teeth should resolve this for you.

Many of our patients feel a sense of food liberation once they have had their teeth replaced, as they find that previous limitations have been lifted and they can go back to fully enjoying all the foods they love.

Maybe you have a psychological feeling that you have lost your smile, due to losing teeth at the front of your mouth. Not being able to smile may give others the wrong impression about the person you really are, making you seem unapproachable.

By replacing any lost teeth at the front of the mouth we can help you regain your smile, giving you the ability to be a more natural you.

One hidden benefit of using implants to replace any lost teeth is that they will help to support any teeth within the area around them and this could help to prevent any further teeth from being lost.  They will also help to encourage the growth of new material within the jawbone, providing added strength to the bone in the area of the loss.

Reaping the benefits

There really is no need for you to live with tooth loss when a dentist in Marylebone can provide you with a natural looking and feeling alternative, following treatment you will reap the benefits of having a full set of teeth once more.

There is no harm in being self-conscious about your image and wanting to look your best at every opportunity you get. That is why so many of us may pay attention to the clothes we wear and the way our hair appears. Another area we may wish to look good is our mouth, as who doesn’t want to have gleaming white teeth that sit perfectly straight and even? dentist-in-marylebone

You may have looked at the various brands of toothpaste that are available at a supermarket or chemist that say they have whitening properties. However, when you have tried them you may have decided that they do not suit your purpose, as you feel that the results they produce cannot be guaranteed at times.

At this stage you may have decided to investigate the different types of cosmetic dentistry that are to be found at a dentist in Marylebone, these may include tooth whitening treatment alongside some orthodontic services, all of which can be used to improve the look of your teeth and smile.

At Plowman & Partners, we are happy to help all of our patients who wish to improve the look of their smiles or the alignment of their teeth. It is our belief that every patient we see should be able to have the teeth and smile that they desire, this can become a reality for you with a little effort.

Tooth whitening

In recent years tooth whitening services that are provided by our dentist in Marylebone have grown in popularity as more and more people are now becoming more image conscious. This means that more people just like you have developed the desire to improve the way their teeth look, as they are now aware of the positive effect that having nice-looking teeth can have on others around them.

We understand how important it is for you to have the most attractive smile you can, as it is often used to show others that you are a friendly, approachable person and this helps you to form relationships with other people. We also understand that many of our patients lead extremely busy lives, making it difficult for them to find time to visit a dental practice for a treatment that may need several appointments.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to find time to visit us, then do not worry as we can offer you an at-home tooth whitening treatment that puts you in total control of your treatment. You simply can wear a treatment device with some whitening gel on it overnight, so you can receive the whitening treatment as you sleep.

Just an example

Remember, we have only given you an outline of one of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide, as to give you an in-depth description of every cosmetic service we have to offer would take much longer. We would be happy to do so in person however.

If you are interested in improving the look of your teeth and smile then we invite you to contact our practice to find out more about the services offered by our dentist in Marylebone.

As you carry on with your busy daily life it is essential that you still make time to take care of your body’s health needs. This may lead to you deciding to eat a healthy diet or to taking regular exercise as a way to maintain a good standard of overall body health. An area of your wellbeing you may wish to pay particular attention to is that of your oral health, as your mouth is a vital part of your body that is used throughout each and every day.. dentist-in-marylebone

We know that most people are making time in their day to ensure that they clean their teeth correctly through brushing. This should be done twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, as recommended by all dental professionals. However, this is not the only tool available to you that can help ensure that you have the highest possible standards of oral health and hygiene, as visiting our dentist in Marylebone on a regular basis is another way you can help yourself to achieve and maintain high standards.

At Plowman & Partners, we have been helping our patients to achieve the results that they are seeking for their optimal oral health throughout the last century. This has allowed us to build a proven track record and expand our practice so we can help more patients with their oral health and hygiene needs. Now, we want to see if we can help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Good reasons

There are many good reasons for you to visit and engage with our dentist in Marylebone on a regular basis, the most important of which is to be able to receive your oral check-ups, as these are an essential tool in the fight for strong oral health and hygiene standards. All decisions made that aim to help and treat your teeth and gums normally start with you attending an oral health check-up.

The check-up is the time when your teeth and gums can be fully examined with the results being recorded and acted upon where necessary. The recorded details will help to create an informed dental care plan that will be tailored to meet your individual needs. This is also the time when the early stages of any developing dental issue can be recognised and action can be taken to stop it from worsening in the form of preventive treatments.

You should also seize the opportunity to use the check-up time to start conversations with our health professional about your oral health and hygiene. We want you to feel you are allowed to ask questions and raise any concerns, as it is only by talking we can work together to achieve the best possible results for you, your teeth and dental health.

Our hope

It is our hope that we are able to work with every patient that we engage with to achieve the highest possible oral health and hygiene standards, for this to happen you must first decide to visit our dentist in Marylebone. Ask yourself if you want high-quality dental health. If the answer is ‘yes’ then you know what you must do.

If you’re hoping to find a new dentist in Marylebone look no further than our dental practice in central London. Here at Plowman & Partners you can enjoy the highest standards of dental care together with a variety of treatments to choose from to suit your individual needs and goals. dentist-marylebone

First established in 1922, Plowman & Partners have served the community offering quality dental care for several decades. We continue to do so now with the same level of pride and efficient service and look forward to welcoming you to our London practice.

We are conveniently located in Queen Anne Street, close to Harley and Wimpole Street in the city centre. Our dental practice can be accessed through a variety of transport links or for those patients who wish to drive we have on-street parking available nearby.

We are excited to reveal that our practice rooms have been fully refurbished to debut a modernised look and we look forward to welcoming both old and new faces to the practice for those looking to sign up with a dentist in Marylebone.

Enlist the help of our dental team for all your smile needs and more

Here at Plowman & Partners we offer patients the opportunity to have general check-ups and routine cleaning as well as specialised treatments and other dental solutions. From dental implant surgery to cosmetic fillings to porcelain veneers we offer patients an array of dental solutions to choose from.

Cosmetic fillings are fast growing in popularity due to their natural-looking results. Thanks to modern technology and the advancement of general dentistry, we can colour match the fillings to suit the shade of your natural teeth. This allows for the fillings to appear barely visible to the naked eye.

If you’re looking to maintain good oral health standards overall we offer patients the opportunity to take advantage of preventive dentistry appointments where our dentist will perform a routine check-up. This is a great way to detect any possible signs of infection before it has the chance to develop and worsen over time. We believe that preventive methods are more effective than some treatment solutions and can result in maintaining the best level of oral health and wellbeing overall.

For adult patients we recommend visiting our dentist in Marylebone around once a year and for junior patients we advise between once to twice a year depending on the age of the child.

We offer patients the opportunity to have dental implants as well as crowns and bridges

For any patients that are experiencing loose or missing teeth, we recommend considering dental implants for an effective tooth replacement option. Not only are dental implants a great aesthetic looking option to replace missing teeth but they are highly durable. Patients who look after their implant may be able to enjoy it for numerous years without having to replace it. We also offer patients the option of considering a bridge or crown and encourage you to book an appointment with us so we can determine the most effective dental solution to suit your needs.

If you would like to sign up with a new dentist in Marylebone and receive the highest standard of dental care, visit our practice in the city centre. dentist-in-marylebone

Here at Plowman & Partners we welcome new and existing patients to our dental practice as our dentist in Marylebone is on hand to assist.

Our modern dental practice can be found in Queen Anne Street and is situated near to  famous Harley Street in the city centre. We are conveniently located close to a range of transport links and offer on-street parking for patients who choose to drive to visit us.

We offer patients the ability to have a complete smile makeover

Do you feel self-conscious about the current appearance of your smile or the state of your teeth? Are you hoping to correct any misalignment or staining present on your teeth? Our dentist in Marylebone is here to help and offers patients the opportunity to undergo a smile makeover.

For some patients a dental transformation is not only great at changing the appearance of their teeth, but it is also beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing. Crooked teeth may impact your ability to chew and swallow food properly, which may negatively impact your digestion. This can lead to patients experiencing discomfort as well as several other symptoms which in turn may affect their health. Misaligned teeth may also impact your self-esteem and impact your ability to smile broadly. Here at Plowman & Partners we offer a variety of dental treatment plans and solutions to assist with teeth straightening and alignment so that you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums.

Visit us for general check-ups or specialised treatments

Our door is always open at our dental practice in London and we look forward to welcoming patients for everything from routine check-ups to more advanced dental solutions. We offer patients the opportunity to have professional teeth whitening, for those hoping to achieve a whiter smile. It’s become extremely popular and will result in no downtime so patients can look forward to having minimal disruption to their day following the procedure.

Teeth whitening is an ideal way to target visible staining or discolouration on your teeth and helps to create a whiter smile with healthy-looking teeth and gums. The procedure itself is carried out in our dental practice by our dentist.

Other popular treatments include crowns, bridges and dental implant surgery

Did you know that in addition to offering patients the opportunity to have general appointments we also offer crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, cosmetic fillings and dental implants as possible treatment options?

We also encourage patients to take advantage of preventive dentistry so that we may look after your oral health through routine appointments. This is a great way for our dentist to discover any signs of gum disease or infection so that it can be treated as early as possible.

A routine cleaning or even a simple check-up will assist with having great oral health care overall, so that your teeth, mouth and gums are all looked after.

If you would like to sign up as a new patient or are interested in finding out more about the dental treatments we have on offer, please feel free to contact us to book a consultation.

Here at Plowman & Partners our dentist in Marylebone can assist patients with everything from routine check-ups to intricate procedures in the comfort of our dental practice. general-check-ups

We care about the wellbeing of our patients and are delighted to be able to offer a variety of treatments so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your oral healthcare needs will be met. We offer treatments and dental solutions in a variety of ways from routine cleaning to teeth whitening and even porcelain veneers.

Improve your smile with the help of our dentist in Marylebone

Are you new to London? Do you or a loved one need to find a dentist in Marylebone to call your own? If you answered in the affirmative then you’re in luck, as our dental practice is conveniently located in the city centre and is open to both new and existing patients looking to book an appointment with us.

If you find yourself searching the internet hoping to find a new dentist, we welcome new faces and look forward to seeing how we can assist you and your family with all your oral healthcare needs.

Over and above general treatments we also offer specialised solutions such as dental implant surgery for patients, crowns and bridges and even cosmetic fillings. These kinds of fillings have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to their discreet appearance. The fillings can be colour matched to blend in with the shade of your teeth so that the result is barely visible and appears to be natural.

We believe in preventive dentistry here at Plowman & Partners

Our dental team is passionate about the power of preventive dentistry and the benefits it yields for patients. As a result, we highly recommend visiting our dentist for general check-ups at least once every 12 months for adult patients. For teenagers and younger patients we like to encourage parents to bring their children for a routine check-up once or twice a year.

Did you know that through preventive dentistry we are able to diagnose any infections or dental issues early on and thus prevent the symptoms or conditions from worsening? This way the effects of the infection remain contained and lose their ability to spread or cause additional discomfort or pain.

Visit us for a complete smile transformation

Would you like to experience first-hand the rewarding benefits of a complete smile transformation? If you find that you are embarrassed about the current state of your smile or that you are too shy to smile with pride, perhaps a smile transformation is an ideal solution for you.

Here at Plowman & Partners we believe that our patients should have the inner confidence to smile broadly and with pride. We can assist with making your smile goals come to life through an array of dental treatments we have on offer. Each patient will receive a customised plan suited to their unique goals and aspirations for their smile targeted at correcting their specific dental issues.

Our dental practice has served patients for close to ten decades and we look forward to continuing on with our legacy to serve the needs of future patients with quality dental solutions.

Here at Plowman & Partners, we are proud to offer dental implants to those who are struggling with missing teeth. Missing teeth can make everyday tasks uncomfortable, such as eating, talking and brushing your teeth. Our dentist in Marylebone will do everything to help restore your smile with the use of dental implants and deliver the results you have been looking for. dentist-marylebone

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium dental appliance that can hold crowns, bridges and dentures in place. They are made up of two parts: the screw, which is inserted into the jawbone, and the abutment, which is placed on top to hold the crown/bridge/denture. Dental implants are becoming more popular in our practice due to their versatility; you can use them to replace either a single tooth or a whole set.

To be eligible for dental implants, you must have enough bone left in the desired area. This is because the dental implant will need something to fuse with in order to create a strong foundation for what is placed on top. If you don’t have enough bone in the area, it could cause the implant to weaken a lot quicker than it should.

Our process

The consultation

When you come to Plowman & Partners for dental implants, the first thing that we will do is arrange a consultation with our dentist in Marylebone. This first step is vital since it allows us to fully examine your teeth and take scans such as x-rays to determine whether you are eligible. The scans we take will also be used to influence the creation of your crown/bridge/denture so that it is fully tailored to you and your needs. The consultation also gives us an opportunity to get to know you and answer any questions you may have about the process.

The procedure

After your consultation, the first thing we will do is invite you to the practice for your implants to be inserted; this can be done within one day, no matter how many implants you need. If you are just having a single tooth replaced, you will only need one implant, whereas if you are having multiple teeth or a whole set replaced, you will need several implants. When it comes to inserting the implants, the process is quite simple. We will open up the gum in the area to expose the bone and insert the implant. We will then close the area back up, and it will be left to heal for a few months, which gives the implant time to fuse to your bone.

After a few months, your implant should be fused to your bone, and this is when our dentist in Marylebone can invite you back to our practice for the final part of the process, which involves attaching your crown/bridge/denture. It is done in more or less the same way no matter which dental appliance you choose to have attached to the implant. We will open the area back up to expose the implant and then attach the abutment, which will hold your crown/bridge/denture.