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We know that many of our patients have been living through testing and difficult times, and here at Plowman & Partners, we want every one of our patients to know that we are behind them 100% and are firmly committed to making sure that every smile which needs it can benefit from the help of one of our trained dental practitioners.

While getting regular or cosmetic treatments from our dentist in Marylebone might have proved difficult over the recent lockdown period, we are now overjoyed to report that all our staff and practitioners are back in service and helping our patients find their smiles once again.

What can a dentist in Marylebone help with?

At Plowman & Partners, we feel it is our responsibility – as an expert dentist in Marylebone – to provide all our patients with a tailored, individually-orientated dental service. We always take the time to initially get to know our patients and their dental needs and aspirations, before beginning any one course of treatment.

We’ve found that by taking a bespoke, individualist approach the dental services we offer our patients facilitates a far more mutually rewarding experience in which patients feel their needs are understood and reflected in the treatments we offer.

We offer a fully comprehensive dental service here at Plowman & Partners which ranges from cosmetic orthodontics and preventive treatments from our dental hygienist to cosmetic treatments such as veneers or restorative treatments such as dental implants.

As we offer such a massive expanse of treatments, we always start things off with a consultation to detail to every patient the specifics of each procedure and how it can be used to help them achieve their dental goals.

What does a dental hygienist do?

Since reopening our practice, we’ve witnessed a surge in the popularity of our dental hygienist. Rather than treating one or more cosmetic problems – as our cosmetic dentist does – the primary focus of a dental hygienist is to keep your teeth as fit and healthy as possible.

They achieve this through a range of methods which include anything from simple educational tips about proper brushing techniques to a professional deep-clean known as a scale and polish.

If you feel that your oral health has suffered somewhat as a result of the past years’ pandemic measures, then the best form of action you can take to get your smile back to its former beauty is to arrange for a session with our dental hygienist.

What is a scale and polish?

As mentioned, one of the main duties which our dental hygienist regularly provides to patients is a professional deep-clean procedure known as a scale and polish.

This is a two-step cleaning process that initially involves the use of an ultrasound scraper (and dental hand-tools) to remove any pockets of plaque, bacteria, tartar, and stains from all throughout the patient’s smile.

Once this stage has been complete, the hygienist then starts the ‘polish’ which uses a polishing tool to shine and buffer every tooth until they are sparklingly white and healthy-looking.

If you feel that a scale and polish could help restore the spark to your smile, then simply call or email us here at Plowman & Partners today, and we’ll book you in for a consultation.

Rediscover your smilemarylebone-dentist

At Plowman & Partners, our practitioners empathise with all of our many patients who have had to put their oral health on ice over the past year – as getting regular help from their dentist in Marylebone may have proven more difficult than ever throughout the national lockdown.

Today our team of practitioners are overjoyed to be back in our practice and doing what they do best. Anyone who may feel their oral health has fallen slightly by the wayside over the last year shouldn’t worry – by contacting our highly trained and professional team today you can book a consultation and let us help you rediscover the beauty of a healthy smile.

What can a dentist in Marylebone do for me?

All of our practitioners here at Plowman & Partners have specialised in various fields of dentistry – and are recognised as such by the General Dental Council.

This means that when you book a consultation with our dentist in Marylebone you can instantly benefit from a world of expertise and knowledge across all things dental. Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, the straightness of your teeth, or to replace a lost tooth entirely we have the right practitioner for the job.

As we believe in providing a bespoke dental service that is moulded to fit the needs and requirements of the patient who is receiving it, we always begin every treatment – be it routine or complex – with a consultation.

We’ve found that these consultations are an excellent way for our practitioners to familiarise themselves with who each patient is, and what their unique needs are.

What cosmetic dental treatments are available?

Prior to the pandemic putting a pin in all our regular dental treatments, one of the most popular types of treatments we provided to patients were cosmetic dental ones.

These cover a massive expanse of different procedures – all of which are designed to target and treat one or more visual problems that patients have with their teeth.

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic density which we are not back to regularly providing to patients here at Plowman & Partners is dental whitening. Over time, the enamel of your teeth – which is the outermost layer – is prone to becoming slightly yellow or discoloured.

This discolouration can also be sped up by certain lifestyle choices and habits – such as smoking or drinking dark fluids like red wine or black coffee.

How can I treat dental staining?

When you notice your teeth are not as white as they once were, it can be a considerable knock to your self-esteem or confidence.

However, rather than choosing to hide away your smile, speak with one of our cosmetic dentists here at Plowman & Partners, we can facilitate dental whitening treatment which uses a peroxide-based gel to burn away any marks, stains, or discolouration from your enamel and leave your smile visibly whiter and cleaner looking.

We provide two forms of cosmetic whitening here which can be carried out within our practice for instant results – or at home for a more relaxed approach that achieves the same results over a slightly longer timeframe.

Whatever treatment you decided, taking action against discoloured teeth can be a massive self-esteem booster and give you the renewed confidence to show off your bright, white and elegant looking smile to anyone and everyone you can.

Back on trackdentist-in-marylebone

Here at Plowman & Partners, we understand that the oral health of many of our patients has suffered over the past year, as receiving regular cosmetic and restorative treatments from our dentist in Marylebone may have been harder than before, due to the implications of the Covid:19 pandemic.

Today, however, we are delighted to be back to operating at 100% efficiency and can now provide anyone who needs it with a comprehensive range of specialist treatments that can fully restore their smile to its former, pre-lockdown glory.

What treatments are on offer?

At Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone is fully equipped to handle all varieties of dental problems – ranging from routine dental check-ups and deep-cleaning performed by our dental hygienist, to complex restorative treatments such as dental implants.

As we aim to provide the full spectrum of dental treatments, we always find the best approach for new patients is to conduct a consultation with them. This gives the patient a chance to tell our practitioners what their reasons for seeking dental care are, and what aspects of their smile they are hoping to address.

With this information, we can then formulate a completely unique treatment plan which aims to achieve these identified goals within a time frame that suits the patient’s schedule perfectly.

What are dental implants?

Losing one or more teeth is one of the hardest things that can happen to you – no matter what age you are, or how the loss came about. Alongside the social implications which a visible gap in your smile can bring – it can impact your employment prospects and love life – a missing tooth can also lead to several serious health implications, such as an alteration of your facial structure, a loss in some aspects of speech ability and difficulty eating.

Luckily here at Plowman & Partners, our dentist in Marylebone is well equipped to address the problem of one or more missing teeth on a permanent basis – through dental implants.

Unlike other treatments for lost teeth – such as crowns or dental bridges – implants are surgically embedded within the patient’s jaw and are therefore far more comfortable and durable.

What is the process of getting dental implants?

If you have lost one or more teeth then you should speak with one of our implant professionals here at Plowman & Partners to find out about your eligibility for implants.

After an initial consultation and examination to determine whether or not your gums and surrounding teeth will be healthy enough to successfully complete dental implant treatment, the process of installing dental implants goes as follows:

  1. Firstly a small hole is made in the gum and jawbone in the gap where the new tooth will be.
  2. Into this hole, the dental practitioner will then place a titanium-alloy socket, which is then sealed over and left to heal.
  3. Titanium-alloy is specifically used in dental implant treatment as it can uniquely bond itself together with natural bone tissue, which is what happens during this short healing period.
  4. After the socket has successfully bonded with the patient’s bone tissue, it can then be reopened, and a new prosthetic crown can be fixed in place.

Dental implants can be suited to patients of any age, providing their gums and teeth are healthy and strong enough. Therefore if you have lost a tooth – no matter how long ago – it’s always worth speaking to a professional about whether or not dental implants could help restore the functionality, strength, and aesthetics  of your smile.

Having a working relationship with your dentist can allow you to access the treatments that you need in order to keep your smile looking and feeling as healthy as possible. A dentist can not only enhance your smile and keep your mouth feeling fresh and fully functional, but they can also screen for problems such as cancers. Catching issues such as this early can have a dramatic impact on the lives of our patients. We are a friendly and committed team who will always be there for our patients. We want all of our patients to be able to access the treatments and support that they need. In this article, we will take you through some of the treatments that we offer, as well as why we think you should consider our practice. We will also give you information on what you should do next, should you decide that our practice is the one for you.marylebone-dentist

What treatments will work for me?

If you decide to come to our dentist in Marylebone to receive your cutting-edge dental care, then we can offer you a whole range of different treatments. We will take the time to get to know you and your smile so we can be best equipped to give you the support that you need. We are in a position to work with you to listen to your concerns and work out which treatments will be the best way forward for you and your smile. We offer services such as root canal therapy as well as tooth replacement treatments. Other treatments that we offer can be found on our website. In the next section, we will highlight why we think you should consider our practice.

Why should I consider your practice?

We believe that we are the perfect choice for you and your smile when it comes to dental care. If you are looking for a dentist in Marylebone, then we could be the right fit for you. Our practice uses a modern approach to dentistry ensuring that our patients always have access to innovative treatments. We are continuing to evolve our practice so we are always offering the best level of service, as we always want to give the best opportunities to improve dental health to our patients. We take pride in the work that we do. In the next section, we will discuss what you should do if you decide we are the right practice for you.

What should I do next?

If you think that our team, here at Plowman and Partners could work well for you then you should consider getting in contact with us at our practice. There are a number of different ways that you can connect with our dentist in Marylebone. You can call us directly to set up a consultation. You can go through our website to learn more about our practice and the treatments that we offer or you can email our practice. We want to make Plowman and Partners as accessible as possible, so that we can be in the best position to support you and your smile. We look forward to hearing from you.

Many people look at their smile in the mirror and are unimpressed by what they see. There are many flaws in the smile that people can be unhappy about and want to change. This could be an annoyance such as yellowing teeth or something as dramatic as a missing tooth. Many people want to transform their smile and have it looking as perfect as possible. With the right kind of help from the right sort of dentist, this can be achievable. If you are looking for a dentist in Marylebone then you have come to the right place. Here at Plowman and Partners, we take pride in our high levels of customer service. We want to make sure that patients like you, get the best treatment when it comes to enhancing your smile. We take the time to get to know each patient that walks through our doors so we can help in the most efficient way possible. We will now take you through the treatments we offer to our patients, before finishing on what you should do next to secure the treatment that you

What treatments do you recommend?

We have a lot of different treatments that we can offer to our patients. We encourage you to work with a dentist in Marylebone to determine which treatment would be best for you. If you wish your teeth were whiter we recommend accessing our whitening treatment. If a patient has lost a single, a couple of or indeed an entire set of teeth, then we can offer them dental implants to complete their smile again. Other forms of cosmetic dentistry are available to allow you to look your best. We can fit crowns, bridges and veneers. Periodontal treatment, such as treatments for gum disease, is available alongside specific treatments such as root canals. To find out more about these treatments as well as information about the others that we offer, you can have a look at the treatment page on our website. We encourage you to read on to the next section to see what you should do next.

What should I do next?

If you think that Plowman and Partners could be the dentist in Marylebone for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us here at our warm and welcoming practice. We encourage you to get in contact with us to set up a consultation. In your consultation, we can assess your smile and determine what treatment would be the best option to get you closer to your smile goals. In the meantime, you could have a look at our website to learn more about us as a practice. We would be excited to have you on board and be in a position to help you get the services and dental care that you need. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their ideal smile, this could be as simple as a tooth whitening treatment or a more intense cosmetic procedure. We are here to support you. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our friendly team.

Plowman and Partners have been providing patients with quality dental treatment for a number of years. The practice was established in 1922, giving us nearly 100 years of experience in dental care. Our traditional roots have not stopped us from keeping up with advancements in our field. We are happy to provide our patients with cutting-edge treatments in our comfortable and fully refurbished practice. We strive to give all of our patients access to the modern treatments that they need to completely transform their smile. Our patients are always happy with the results that are yielded by our treatments and would not hesitate to recommend our practice to others who are looking to improve their smile. This article will take prospective patients through the number of different services that we as a practice offer, as well as why we think we could be a good fit for you and your smile. We encourage new patients to read on to discover more about our dentist in

What services do you offer?

Patients of our dentist in Marylebone have access to a whole host of different treatments. Each treatment has been specially designed in order to help patients get that one step closer to the smile they aspire to. We can offer treatments around dental hygiene, ensuring that our patients can combat issues such as bad breath, bleeding and tooth loss. These issues can be treated by  targeting ailments such as gum disease by thorough cleaning such as a ‘scrape and polish’.

For patients looking to replace missing teeth, dental implants are the way forward, these clever implants provide a long-term solution to filling gaps in the smile. For patients looking to replace a crown or bridge, they are in the right place too. Other cosmetic dentistry, such as veneers, composite bonding and teeth whitening, is also available. Patients can work with their dentist to get the best treatment for their smile goals. We can offer patients looking to brighten their smile a bespoke teeth whitening service. Cosmetic fillings alongside periodontics are also on offer as well as root canal treatments which can be received through our practice. Orthodontics and removable prosthodontics are all part of our service. Patients should consider reading on to the next section to discover why we think you should use our practice.

Why should I consider this practice?

There are many reasons why we think you should consider our dentist in Marylebone for your next dental procedure. At our practice, our patients come first and we ensure that our patients have all of their needs taken care of with the best level of expertise and professionalism. We take the time to get to know each of our patients to enable us to target and tailor our service to every individual, in order for them to gain utmost benefit from any treatments we offer. We use a modern approach to dentistry to make sure our patients have access to the most up-to-the-minute treatments. We understand that visiting the dentist is not everyone’s favourite pastime. This is why we make sure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during their treatment. Our friendly and supportive team will be there for you, every step of the way. For dental treatment you should consider getting in touch with us here at Plowman and Partners today.

Cosmetic dentistry is an increasingly popular and sought after field of dentistry, which continues to evolve and become more convenient and accessible to meet the requirements of modern, hectic lifestyles. In the age of social media, photography and selfies, everyone wants a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is involved in improving the appearance of healthy teeth. Cosmetic treatment may include whitening of yellow teeth, straightening of misaligned teeth, disguising chipped or protruding teeth and improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. There are many different techniques involved in cosmetic dentistry to suit your individual requirements so speak to your dentist in Marylebone today to find out how we can help improve your

Teeth whitening

Over the course of life, staining and discolouration of your teeth can affect the way you feel about your smile. Staining may occur due to many different reasons including smoking, food and drinks such as tea, coffee, cola and wine. Poor dental hygiene, dental issues and diseases can also lead to discolouration of the teeth. Ageing and genetics are also a natural cause of staining too. Tooth whitening at your dentist is an effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth and enhancing your smile. There are different treatment methods for teeth whitening, either professionally carried out at the dentist or home kits provided by the dentist which are worn overnight and work while you are sleeping. Speak to our dentist in Marylebone to find out which method of teeth whitening may be more suitable for you.

White fillings

White fillings are becoming increasingly popular amongst adults. In comparison to amalgam or gold fillings, white fillings are designed to be subtle, as they blend in with your surrounding teeth and provide a natural look as they are almost invisible. White fillings provide more support and stability as they are chemically bonded to your teeth and they have been found to require less of your teeth to be cut out when removing tooth decay, ultimately preserving the integrity of your original tooth. They are metal free and therefore they are not sensitive to changes in temperature or other factors in your mouth, preventing further damage to your teeth. White fillings can also be moulded to support and repair other damage in the teeth such as cracks, which helps strengthen the tooth further. Speak to our dentist in Marylebone to find out why white fillings may be an attractive treatment method for you.


It may be a good idea to contact us at Plowman & Partners to find out how veneers can be used to help protect your teeth and to improve the aesthetics of your mouth. Veneers are thin, individually tailored shells that are attached to the front of your teeth permanently and can be coloured to match your teeth or according to personal preference. Veneers are used in the treatment of chips and cracks of the teeth, gaps between the teeth, issues with the enamel, misalignment and teeth staining. In case of a chipped or cracked tooth, you may only need one veneer or if you are unhappy with the aesthetics of your mouth you may decide to have a set of veneers to help transform your smile completely. Speak to your dentist today to find out about the many different types of cosmetic dentistry available and how veneers may be a suitable choice for you.

Tooth loss in adults can be extremely embarrassing, distressing and a worrying situation to find yourself in. In the event of tooth loss, it is vital that you speak to us immediately as advances in dental technology mean that there are a wide range of options available for replacing a lost tooth or missing teeth. Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that concerns the development and implantation of prosthetic substitutes for tooth loss. Prosthodontics help regain lost functions of the mouth, for example issues with talking, chewing and eating that may have occurred due to tooth loss. It can help maintain and enhance the quality of the remaining natural dentition and it can be used in cosmetic dentistry to treat aesthetic issues as well. Speak to our dentist in Marylebone today to find out which treatment is suitable for your individual

Dental implants to resolve tooth loss

Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice of tooth replacement therapy amongst both patients and dentists, so speak to our dentist in Marylebone today to find out how they may be the ideal treatment choice for you. Dental implants are small titanium components which become permanent fixtures in the mouth, as they are designed to fuse with the bone providing strong support for replacement teeth. The implant is fitted into the bone socket of the missing tooth and osteoblasts, bone cells, grow around the dental implant securing it permanently into the alveolar bone of the jaw. This is a process where it can take up to several months for the implant to be successfully fused into the bone. Once this has successfully occurred, a small connector known as an abutment, is attached to the implant to which the new prosthetic is attached so that it can be held securely in place.

Implant retained dentures for tooth loss

Dentures are prosthetic devices created to replace your missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable, so they can be put in your mouth and taken out whenever necessary. They are very convenient for tooth loss, however if you are looking for a more fixed or permanent solution speak to us at Plowman & Partners today to find out about implant retained dentures and how they may be suitable for you. Dental implants are first inserted into the alveolar bone of your jaw and following successful fusion with the bone and the attachment of the abutment, your dentures will be attached to the implant via the abutment. Implant retained dentures are a popular choice of tooth replacement therapy, as they have many advantages in comparison to conventional dentures. They replace the entire tooth structure including the root of the tooth therefore providing reliability, added support, comfort and stability when compared to ordinary dentures which sometimes can move or fall out of the mouth and be a hindrance during talking, eating, coughing or sneezing. They are secured beneath the gum line which enhances their natural appearance as well. Speak to our dentist in Marylebone today to find out how dental implants and implant retained dentures can not only improve the overall health and functioning of your mouth, but also allow you to smile confidently and happily again.

Preventive therapy is a major field of dentistry which is involved in looking after your teeth to keep them healthy and prevent the development of dental problems later on in life. This is at the heart of our ethos at Plowman & Partners. Maintaining good dental hygiene and oral health is vital for overall well-being and can help avoid issues such as cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and ultimately help prevent tooth loss. Regular check-ups with our dentist in Marylebone are extremely important to check for issues with the teeth or gums. It is recommended that you should visit the dentist at least twice a year to ensure that your everyday oral hygiene skills, brushing and flossing, are effective in maintaining your healthy teeth. More frequent visits to our dentist in Marylebone are recommended and will be beneficial for those who are at higher risk of dental problems or have presented with issues already. Regular check-ups will enable our dentist to identify dental problems as early as possible, making them easier to treat, with a greater chance of a successful outcome, and can also help prevent any possible negative impact on surrounding healthy

Dental hygiene and the role of the hygienist

Regular appointments with the hygienist are important for maintaining the good health of your teeth. The hygienist also plays a vital role in preventive dentistry. An appointment with the hygienist includes a thorough examination of the teeth and a full professional clean of the mouth at a standard which will not be possible at home. The hygienist uses scaling and polishing techniques to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth. Plaque is the sticky transparent film that forms on the surface of the teeth and when left untreated hardens over time and becomes calculus. Calculus provides an ideal surface for further plaque build-up, bacteria flourish in the plaque and secrete acids which results in problems such as bad breath, receding gums, tooth decay and eventually periodontal disease which is severe infection of the gums and may result in tooth loss. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing or flossing at home, therefore regular appointments with the hygienist are important in preventing such issues in the long run. The hygienist also plays a role in giving advice and education on how to look after your teeth to the highest standard possible.


Periodontics is the branch of dentistry which concerns the study and treatment of diseases of the periodontium. This is the surrounding and supporting structures of the teeth including the gums, jawbone, the cementum which attaches the tooth to the jawbone and the periodontal ligament which holds the tooth in position. Periodontal diseases include gingivitis, which is a common infection and inflammation of the gums, and periodontitis which is the inflammation and infection of the other structures of the periodontium. When left untreated gingivitis can result in periodontitis which can be severely painful and ultimately result in tooth loss. Regular visits to our dentist in Marylebone and follow-up appointments with the hygienist can help prevent such diseases. However if they do unfortunately present themselves, periodontal treatment includes cleaning, scaling and root planing, whilst more progressive stages of the disease can require surgery. If left untreated periodontal disease will result in tooth loss, therefore speak to us today to find out how your dentist can help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile and prevent dental issues in the future.

How often do you visit your dentist? Or have you recently moved to Marylebone and you are looking for a new dentist? It is recommended that you should visit your dentist every six months, however this may vary for each individual, depending on their oral health. Individuals without any dental issues can visit their dentist in Marylebone once every twelve months and those with dental problems are advised to visit their dentist between three and four times a year. If you cannot remember the last time you visited a dentist however, you may want to consider seeing a dentist in Marylebone soon.marylebone-dentist

Visiting Plowman & Partners for a first time

If you have not visited our dental practice Plowman & Partners before, as a new patient, you can expect a friendly and professional service from our highly experienced team who will welcome you to the practice. We pride ourselves in having a number of recognised specialists in advanced dental disciplines, which allows us to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your dental needs, whilst also recommending the most suitable treatment for you should you need it.

We are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 6pm and on Fridays we close the practice at 5pm. As well as being to book general appointments to see one of our dentists, you can also contact us if you have a dental emergency. If you contact us during working hours we will try our best to accommodate you on the same day and offer appropriate advice and potential treatment. However, if you find that you need to speak to a dentist in Marylebone outside of our normal working hours, we advise that you call the practice and leave a detailed message and your contact details, so we can contact you as soon as we are able at the start of the next working day. If you require urgent services however, our telephone message will also provide you with the contact details for the out-of- hours emergency service.

Dental hygiene at Plowman & Partners

At Plowman & Partners, we understand the importance of dental hygiene and provide a hygiene service for our patients which is the focal point of our preventive programme. In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is vital that you maintain a good oral hygiene regime, which means brushing your teeth twice a day and regular flossing. By doing this, you are preventing the build up of bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to bad breath and other conditions such as gum disease, which in turn can result in bleeding and in some cases, tooth loss.

Have you recently lost a tooth?

If you have unfortunately lost a tooth due to gum disease or even as a result of an accident or an injury, there are dental treatments in restorative dentistry that we offer at Plowman & Partners that can help you restore your smile, and one of these options is an implant.

Implants, usually made of titanium, are a long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. Once an implant is inserted into the jaw where the tooth root should be, a tooth coloured crown is fixed on top of the implant which matches the shade and shape of your remaining teeth, meaning that it is not detectable and restores the functionality of your teeth.