• A high standard of dental oral hygiene is the leading preventive method to address most dental issues later in life. Therefore two services which we offer with our dentist in Marylebone are that of our highly rated hygienist service and our periodontics service. Our hygienist service will provide patients with an in depth clean which is usually recommended by our dentist in Marylebone to be on a 6 monthly basis. By attending these appointments your daily oral health routine can be monitored and we can advise you, our patient, with methods of keeping on top of it all. Alongside this is the treatment of gums which is where the periodontics appointment comes in useful. Healthy teeth and healthy gums are a massive aid to preventing potential dental problems later in life. By keeping on top of your own oral hygiene and tweaking it when advised to, future problems such as gum disease and tooth loss are often avoided.dentist-in-marylebone
  • When tooth loss has occurred whether through an accident or due to previous dental care issues, a common modern procedure is to have small titanium screws known as dental implants applied. These small cylinder screws are placed into the jaw and promote healthy bone growth, whilst providing a stable base for tooth restoration methods such as bridges, crowns and dentures. Fears of dentures falling out or slipping about whilst eating are therefore removed. By offering a variety of services at our dentist in Marylebone we are hopefully assisting our patients to keep or gain confidence in their smile.
  • As mentioned above, dental crowns and bridges are a great way to restore teeth whether it is single tooth loss or multiple teeth. When comprehensive cases of restoration are needed by our patients or a more complex case arises, we ensure that our dental team works alongside highly regarded specialists in this field. This allows us to reassure you that we are providing you with the best possible care and giving you the best methods of restoration. After all we strive to achieve our best with every individual case presented to us.
  • An extremely common treatment is carried out within our orthodontics department. Braces and aligners are frequently used for cases of misalignment, overbite, underbite and crossbite. At our dental practice we use both the traditional brace method and the more modern treatment of clear aligners. Whilst the modern clear aligners are often the more preferred treatment method it is important to understand that each method is suited to different alignment cases. For this reason we offer advice on both and will create a treatment plan which is suitable for your individual case, whether it be the traditional method or more modern methods.

Are all the treatments on a necessity basis only, or is cosmetic dentistry also offered?

Whilst cosmetic treatments are sometimes considered unnecessary, we at Plowman and Partners understand the importance of having confidence in your own smile. Therefore no treatment, whether cosmetic or medical related, is considered unnecessary. Each treatment and procedure offered has the end goal of providing the patient with a healthy set of teeth and a smile that they can be confident in.