A lot of us are not entirely happy with how our smile looks. There may be a few unique kinks and curves that over the years you have told yourself that you love, but there is always that nagging self-conscious doubt that leads you to feel like people are judging you on your smile.

Dentist in MaryleboneUnfortunately, first impressions are important and research continually suggests that bad teeth lead people to assume that you are less intelligent, less trustworthy and less attractive to your straight, white teeth counterparts. There is some evidence to say that someone with a healthy, straight and white smile may get the job over another person, should it come down to a 50/50 decision.

In order to improve your self-confidence as well as the potential unconscious respect of others, it is important that you look after your entire health and well-being. This can start with your mouth. Your dentist in Marylebone would be happy to meet you during an initial consultation to find out what your dental desires and potential concerns may be regarding a plan of action in restoring and repairing your smile to discover it’s natural beauty.

Your cosmetic dentist in Marylebone has the desire and natural talent to discover the true beauty that is within every person’s unique and natural smile. Rather than take this away, a truly talented professional will correct what needs to be corrected whilst enhancing your natural attributes.

You may wish to have uniform, picture perfect, white teeth and this is generally the case. Porcelain veneers are a brilliant way in allowing patients to have celebrity style teeth in a matter of just a few appointments.

These smile makeovers can be subtly altered to fit your unique style should you with them to be, with a magnitude of different looks achievable. By sitting down and speaking with one of us, we can explain to you the subtle nuances that make a smile look natural compared to one that does not.

Size, shape and colour are but a few of the small details that we pay close attention to. Should you want just one veneer, then it is even more important to ensure that this shell is matched very closely to your natural teeth in order for it to look natural and in place.

Are there other treatments that can be applied?

There are so many different treatments available for each and every one of our patients. We work to a bespoke system, creating treatment plans that are individually tailored to meet your specific and unique needs. This means that you could be receiving several different treatments in order to obtain the final, perfect result that you have been seeking.

From teeth whitening to teeth straightening and everything in between, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through every step of the way. We invite you to our dentist in Marylebone where sincerity, compassion and a non judgemental attitude is the foundation of our services. We are here to let you see the true positive energy that is within your smile.