Skipping out on your scheduled dental check-ups is one way to put not only your oral health at risk, but the overall quality of life you live. We may not be aware of it as often as we should do, but the mouth plays an indispensable role in our daily lives, fulfilling a myriad of functions. Which is why we need to take great care of it, as this important organ and all of its constituent parts are to serve us for the rest of our

At Plowman & Partners dental clinic we have very experienced and highly skilled dental practitioners who provide exceptional dental care. If you are looking for a qualified dentist in Marylebone, you can do no better than pay us a visit. Here’s why we believe regular dental check-ups are mandatory. We also take a look at what some of the risks are when patients miss their scheduled oral health assessments.

How a dentist in Marylebone protects your dental health

Ensuring your oral health is in fact very easy to accomplish – visit a dentist in Marylebone on a regular basis to look out for any red flags that threaten the health of your teeth and gums. It is the careful examination that is carried out, as well as the preventive actions taken by our dental practitioner, which work in a seamless way to make dental health a certainty.

Outside of pain, sensitivity (teeth and gums), bad breath and tooth discolouration, warning signs of worrying oral health issues are not always easy to discern. It takes a knowing eye and practised hands to determine signs of dental diseases such as oral cancers. To fully restore good oral health, a dental practitioner must take appropriate action at the earliest opportunity to prevent the patient from suffering the cost and headache of lengthy and complicated restorative treatments.

When it comes to dental issues, there is one certainty that no amount of wishing it away can cure – dental issues only worsen if left untreated and can have dire consequences if present for a long time: loss of adult teeth, periodontal disease and loss of jawbone quality.

Patients may not regard the loss of a single adult tooth of any significance (after all, there are so many others that can be called upon to do the job), but stop and think for a moment what this would mean for the aesthetics of a smile. And there is a lot that is dependent on an attractive smile, least of which is mental (self-esteem and confidence) and psychosocial health. By allowing our dental practitioner to protect dental health in the best possible way through preventive dentistry measures, you protect your teeth and gums and all the spin offs associated with a symmetrical smile.

Maintaining good dental health is not only due to what takes place at our dental clinic, but the actions taken by patients at home, in particular, their observance of daily brushing and flossing. In this we can help also by recommending good teeth brushing and flossing techniques in addition to suggesting specific dental products to use.

We regard patient education as a critical part of promoting dental health, which is why we at Plowman & Partners encourage the asking of questions when you visit us for a check-up or any other dental treatment.