Anxiety surrounding dentists and dental practices, what can be done to help patients?dentist-in-marylebone

Anxiety problems, whether mild or severe, are taken very seriously at our dental practice and every single member of our team will work with our patients to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible and that the duration of their visit is conducted at ease. To do this we not only offer modern, minimally invasive treatments and procedures, but combine this with a caring, understanding and sensitive approach to our services and patient care. Whilst in our care our patients’ comfort is a top priority.

By using modern treatments we aim to reduce as much of the physical discomfort as possible, so that our patients have one less stressful element to consider during their visit to the dental practice. Our dentist in Marylebone also has great awareness and understanding of the common anxiety surrounding visits to the dentist. Therefore whilst in our care our team will ensure that all questions are answered in detail and any extra measures that may be requested or needed by the patient are carried out to the best of the practice’s ability. Our job is to provide you with an excellent service that encourages you to return on a regular basis for further dental care and to assist with reducing or eliminating any potential anxiety that may have formed over the years.

What approach is taken when dealing with oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance and whilst our dentist in Marylebone can provide a thorough clean on a regular basis, it requires the patient to also make a commitment to their oral hygiene as well.

The first part of our approach is to encourage preventive care which, in the long run, will decrease the need for future dental work. This is therefore considered to be a pivotal part of our dental practice as preventive care requires teamwork from our dental team and from the patient. The reason teamwork is required is that whilst our dentist in Marylebone can provide a deep clean at each appointment and remove any build-up of plaque, it is down to the patient to provide the daily care and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine that works with their lifestyle.

For this reason, the second part of our oral hygiene approach is one of educating the patient. During the appointment a dental hygiene plan will be created to suit the patient’s individual needs and they will be encouraged to follow it at home on a daily basis. The length of time between each dental hygiene appointment will depend on the individual’s case, as there are many factors which could impact the need for more regular appointments. Using a combination of regular appointments,  and an excellent oral hygiene routine at home, the need for dental treatments and procedures is  greatly reduced.

Please note, all patients have very different dental situations and any treatments need to reflect this. Therefore, we advise all our patients to seek further advice and information from our dental team about any procedure they are considering.