We all need to recognise the importance of making regular visits to the dentist in Marylebone, this allows us to have our oral hygiene and health monitored properly by a trained dental professional. By going for check-ups as recommended by our dentist it allows us to prevent any serious issue from occurring, staving off the need to undergo any complex invasive dental treatment.dentist-marylebone

Most people seem to believe that oral hygiene is only concerned with monitoring the condition of the teeth, but when we consider oral hygiene fully, we must consider what is needed to ensure good health for the entire mouth, including the gums and lips.

We accept that many people find visiting the dentist a daunting task, as none of us really like the idea of having someone examining the inside of our mouths and the thought of having a dental procedure using dental tools is a level of anxiety that many may find hard to overcome. But it is so important that people are encouraged to engage with a dentist in Marylebone at our practice Plowman & Partners, that way they can probably avoid the dental consequences that may scare them so much.

Another way for people to engage with our local dental practice

For those who might find the idea of engaging with a dentist hard to deal with there could be another avenue they may want to consider, that still introduces them to the dental surgery environment. They may want to think about visiting the dental hygienist, this will give them a much gentler introduction to the dental practice environment.

The dental hygienist’s role is far different to the role of the dentist, and they do not perform treatments such as fillings or root canals that use dental equipment that even the toughest of people may find hard to cope with.

The dental hygienist’s main role is to assist patients to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene and health, by helping them understand what they can do to improve their oral cleaning routines, giving tips about better ways of brushing and flossing. This is one of the techniques that can aid in forming the basis of a preventive dental routine, with the hope of lessening the need for invasive dental treatment.

Of course, the best use of a dental hygienist is when they work directly with a dentist, who can monitor a patient’s oral hygiene progress and offer any advice and support to back up the preventive nature of the work carried out by the hygienist.  This should then in turn lead to fewer risks from gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque build-up, increasing the chances of someone enjoying the benefits that come with a high standard of oral health.

Having the teeth professionally cleaned is always a good idea

Another role of the dental hygienist is to clean the patient’s teeth professionally, to remove any plaque that may have built up, this helps to reduce the risks posed by tooth decay and gum disease. Having the teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist, using the equipment and paste available to them, will always benefit the patient.

Easy way in

If someone is looking for an easy, gentle way to interact with our dentist in Marylebone they may want to consider the idea of engaging with our dental hygienist first.