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Here at Plowman & Partners, we are a dentist in Marylebone who has been dedicated to providing residents with the best standard of private dental care available for almost 100 years. Since establishing ourselves on Queen Anne Street in 1922, we have seen a lot of dental ‘trends’ and fashions come and go, as new treatments and methodologies are developed. Throughout our years of service, we have always ensured that we operate on the frontier of dental science and medicine, and that, by offering our patients exemplary care, we make sure they receive the best possible treatment outcomes – however complex or complicated their dental situation may be. We recognise that every smile is unique and ought to be treated as such, which is why we encourage any potential new patients to arrange a consultation with our dentist in Marylebone to discuss what exactly it is you are hoping to achieve, and how best we can get you there.

Creating a treatment plan that’s right for you

Here at Plowman & Partners we believe in an individually tailored, patient-oriented approach to dentistry. We have found, over our numerous years of service, that by making an active effort to listen to our patients’ needs, wants and desires, we can work together in such a way that both the dental practitioner and the patient feel they are getting the best results. Therefore, the first stage in any treatment journey for those who are looking for a dentist in Marylebone they can truly rely on, is to book a consultation with one of our expert practitioners. This will allow the patient to become comfortable around our practice, and gives them the perfect opportunity to voice what exactly it is about their smiles that they are aiming to improve or solve through their treatment with us at Plowman & Partners. With this information, our practitioners will then detail the extensive and various treatment options which are available to the patient, and work alongside them to create a uniquely tailored, individual treatment plan which perfectly meets and surpasses their needs.

Ensuring the best care for your teeth

At Plowman & Partners, we believe in offering our patients the highest standard of care available, and do so through a multidisciplinary approach, whereby several expert specialist dentists all operate within the same practice. Each of our dental practitioners has been officially accredited by the General Dental Council, which universally marks them as the top of their respective fields of dental science and practice. Through our nine decades of service we have managed to amass some of the most highly respected dental experts and practitioners here at Plowman & Partners, to ensure patients get the standard of care we are renowned for. Another founding principle of our dental practice here at Plowman & Partners, is keeping our patients’ teeth as healthy as they can be, and keeping our patients well informed as to how best they can maintain a good standard of oral care. This duty falls upon our dental hygienists, who must identify and eradicate any signs of infection or damage to a patient’s teeth or gums, such as decay or periodontal disease, before any actual treatments can be carried out. In doing so, patients can rest assured their teeth will be strong enough to endure whatever treatment they are undergoing, and come out the other end with visibly healthier teeth.