Rediscover your smilemarylebone-dentist

At Plowman & Partners, our practitioners empathise with all of our many patients who have had to put their oral health on ice over the past year – as getting regular help from their dentist in Marylebone may have proven more difficult than ever throughout the national lockdown.

Today our team of practitioners are overjoyed to be back in our practice and doing what they do best. Anyone who may feel their oral health has fallen slightly by the wayside over the last year shouldn’t worry – by contacting our highly trained and professional team today you can book a consultation and let us help you rediscover the beauty of a healthy smile.

What can a dentist in Marylebone do for me?

All of our practitioners here at Plowman & Partners have specialised in various fields of dentistry – and are recognised as such by the General Dental Council.

This means that when you book a consultation with our dentist in Marylebone you can instantly benefit from a world of expertise and knowledge across all things dental. Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, the straightness of your teeth, or to replace a lost tooth entirely we have the right practitioner for the job.

As we believe in providing a bespoke dental service that is moulded to fit the needs and requirements of the patient who is receiving it, we always begin every treatment – be it routine or complex – with a consultation.

We’ve found that these consultations are an excellent way for our practitioners to familiarise themselves with who each patient is, and what their unique needs are.

What cosmetic dental treatments are available?

Prior to the pandemic putting a pin in all our regular dental treatments, one of the most popular types of treatments we provided to patients were cosmetic dental ones.

These cover a massive expanse of different procedures – all of which are designed to target and treat one or more visual problems that patients have with their teeth.

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic density which we are not back to regularly providing to patients here at Plowman & Partners is dental whitening. Over time, the enamel of your teeth – which is the outermost layer – is prone to becoming slightly yellow or discoloured.

This discolouration can also be sped up by certain lifestyle choices and habits – such as smoking or drinking dark fluids like red wine or black coffee.

How can I treat dental staining?

When you notice your teeth are not as white as they once were, it can be a considerable knock to your self-esteem or confidence.

However, rather than choosing to hide away your smile, speak with one of our cosmetic dentists here at Plowman & Partners, we can facilitate dental whitening treatment which uses a peroxide-based gel to burn away any marks, stains, or discolouration from your enamel and leave your smile visibly whiter and cleaner looking.

We provide two forms of cosmetic whitening here which can be carried out within our practice for instant results – or at home for a more relaxed approach that achieves the same results over a slightly longer timeframe.

Whatever treatment you decided, taking action against discoloured teeth can be a massive self-esteem booster and give you the renewed confidence to show off your bright, white and elegant looking smile to anyone and everyone you can.