How often do you visit your dentist? Or have you recently moved to Marylebone and you are looking for a new dentist? It is recommended that you should visit your dentist every six months, however this may vary for each individual, depending on their oral health. Individuals without any dental issues can visit their dentist in Marylebone once every twelve months and those with dental problems are advised to visit their dentist between three and four times a year. If you cannot remember the last time you visited a dentist however, you may want to consider seeing a dentist in Marylebone soon.marylebone-dentist

Visiting Plowman & Partners for a first time

If you have not visited our dental practice Plowman & Partners before, as a new patient, you can expect a friendly and professional service from our highly experienced team who will welcome you to the practice. We pride ourselves in having a number of recognised specialists in advanced dental disciplines, which allows us to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your dental needs, whilst also recommending the most suitable treatment for you should you need it.

We are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 6pm and on Fridays we close the practice at 5pm. As well as being to book general appointments to see one of our dentists, you can also contact us if you have a dental emergency. If you contact us during working hours we will try our best to accommodate you on the same day and offer appropriate advice and potential treatment. However, if you find that you need to speak to a dentist in Marylebone outside of our normal working hours, we advise that you call the practice and leave a detailed message and your contact details, so we can contact you as soon as we are able at the start of the next working day. If you require urgent services however, our telephone message will also provide you with the contact details for the out-of- hours emergency service.

Dental hygiene at Plowman & Partners

At Plowman & Partners, we understand the importance of dental hygiene and provide a hygiene service for our patients which is the focal point of our preventive programme. In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is vital that you maintain a good oral hygiene regime, which means brushing your teeth twice a day and regular flossing. By doing this, you are preventing the build up of bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to bad breath and other conditions such as gum disease, which in turn can result in bleeding and in some cases, tooth loss.

Have you recently lost a tooth?

If you have unfortunately lost a tooth due to gum disease or even as a result of an accident or an injury, there are dental treatments in restorative dentistry that we offer at Plowman & Partners that can help you restore your smile, and one of these options is an implant.

Implants, usually made of titanium, are a long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. Once an implant is inserted into the jaw where the tooth root should be, a tooth coloured crown is fixed on top of the implant which matches the shade and shape of your remaining teeth, meaning that it is not detectable and restores the functionality of your teeth.