Preventive therapy is a major field of dentistry which is involved in looking after your teeth to keep them healthy and prevent the development of dental problems later on in life. This is at the heart of our ethos at Plowman & Partners. Maintaining good dental hygiene and oral health is vital for overall well-being and can help avoid issues such as cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and ultimately help prevent tooth loss. Regular check-ups with our dentist in Marylebone are extremely important to check for issues with the teeth or gums. It is recommended that you should visit the dentist at least twice a year to ensure that your everyday oral hygiene skills, brushing and flossing, are effective in maintaining your healthy teeth. More frequent visits to our dentist in Marylebone are recommended and will be beneficial for those who are at higher risk of dental problems or have presented with issues already. Regular check-ups will enable our dentist to identify dental problems as early as possible, making them easier to treat, with a greater chance of a successful outcome, and can also help prevent any possible negative impact on surrounding healthy

Dental hygiene and the role of the hygienist

Regular appointments with the hygienist are important for maintaining the good health of your teeth. The hygienist also plays a vital role in preventive dentistry. An appointment with the hygienist includes a thorough examination of the teeth and a full professional clean of the mouth at a standard which will not be possible at home. The hygienist uses scaling and polishing techniques to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth. Plaque is the sticky transparent film that forms on the surface of the teeth and when left untreated hardens over time and becomes calculus. Calculus provides an ideal surface for further plaque build-up, bacteria flourish in the plaque and secrete acids which results in problems such as bad breath, receding gums, tooth decay and eventually periodontal disease which is severe infection of the gums and may result in tooth loss. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing or flossing at home, therefore regular appointments with the hygienist are important in preventing such issues in the long run. The hygienist also plays a role in giving advice and education on how to look after your teeth to the highest standard possible.


Periodontics is the branch of dentistry which concerns the study and treatment of diseases of the periodontium. This is the surrounding and supporting structures of the teeth including the gums, jawbone, the cementum which attaches the tooth to the jawbone and the periodontal ligament which holds the tooth in position. Periodontal diseases include gingivitis, which is a common infection and inflammation of the gums, and periodontitis which is the inflammation and infection of the other structures of the periodontium. When left untreated gingivitis can result in periodontitis which can be severely painful and ultimately result in tooth loss. Regular visits to our dentist in Marylebone and follow-up appointments with the hygienist can help prevent such diseases. However if they do unfortunately present themselves, periodontal treatment includes cleaning, scaling and root planing, whilst more progressive stages of the disease can require surgery. If left untreated periodontal disease will result in tooth loss, therefore speak to us today to find out how your dentist can help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile and prevent dental issues in the future.