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At Plowman & Partners, we are dentists in Marylebone who are above and beyond anything patients may expect from their average dental practice. Our dentist in Marylebone is entirely committed and dedicated to providing every individual patient with a treatment plan which is entirely unique and tailored to them.

Situated in London’s epicentre of medicine and dentistry, in a grade II listed building on Queen Anne Street, our expertly trained and professional team of dental practitioners work tirelessly to meet and exceed the historical reputation of our surroundings. Anyone who is looking for a dentist in Marylebone to improve the way their smile looks and wishes to receive the highest possible level of excellence and care, needn’t look any further than Plowman & Partners.

Cosmetic solutions

One of the most popular forms of treatment we provide at Plowman & Partners, especially over the last few years, is cosmetic dentistry solutions to many issues that patients often have with the way their smiles look. We are a private dentist in Marelybone who aims to put a smile on the faces of each of our patients, and help them help themselves feel good about the way they look and how others see them. We understand the mounting social pressures that people may often feel, and cherish seeing our patients’ self-confidence and self-esteem flourish after undertaking certain cosmetic dentistry solutions such as teeth whitening treatment.

What is teeth whitening?

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatment is a non-invasive form of cosmetic dentistry which aims to visibly brighten and improve the shade of a patient’s enamel and teeth. It is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry across the world, largely because of its non-invasiveness as a treatment, and the speed in which it can achieve results. We also offer our patients home-whitening kits here at Plowman & Partners, which let them achieve a brighter smile, from within the comfort and confines of their own homes.

Many people, from all age groups, often feel embarrassed or self-conscious about how their smile looks, and particularly the shade of their teeth. There are several reasons as to why a patient’s enamel may become yellowed or duller in its shade. Natural age is one reason which may cause duller enamel, and habitual lifestyle decisions – such as smoking cigarettes or drinking red wine or black coffee – can also lead to someone’s enamel being stained or yellowed.

In-practice whitening

Through in-practice whitening by one of our professional cosmetic dentistry specialists here at Plowman & Partners, patients can have their teeth visibly brightened and whitened in as little time as just a few hours. This method of whitening is generally favoured by those who are wishing to achieve results swiftly – such as those who are preparing for a wedding, special occasion or job interview – because of its almost instant results.

This is made possible through the creation of a unique mound for each patient, which allows for a retainer to be made that fits over their tooth shape perfectly. Inside that retainer, the cosmetic dentistry expert will place a safe amount of a hydrogen-peroxide based gel, which acts as a whitening agent. This gel will get to work immediately and begin to burn away superficial stains, discolouration or marks on the surface enamel of the patient’s teeth, and leave them with a whiter and healthier looking smile.