Deeply rooted in the communitydentist-marleybone

Here at Plowman & Partners, we have been a firmly embedded part of the local social fabric within the Marylebone area for nine decades. Since 1922, we have been providing a dental care and treatment service to our patients that is considered to be the highest possible standard of excellence and care. We are a private dentist in Mareybone who has been dedicated to our patient’s for almost 100 years and within that time we have earned ourselves the esteem and place amongst the local community that we enjoy today. We recognise that now, more than ever, people are increasingly paying attention to their oral health, and we are proud to be a dentist in Marelybone who is at the forefront of this new age of dental engagement.

Bespoke, patient oriented care

At Plowman & Partners, each of our individual practitioners are accredited by the General Dental Council and as such are recognised as being at the top of each of their respected fields of study. This allows us to treat every patient individually, through a multidisciplinary fashion which is of the highest possible standard. It is our belief, as a dentist in Marelybone who is genuinely committed to ensuring every patient receives the care they deserve, that no two courses of treatment should ever be exactly the same. This is because no two sets of teeth, or indeed patients, are the same. As such, we tailor every service and treatment we offer, regardless of its complexity, so that it meets the individual needs and wants of every patient. In doing so, we’ve found patients feel more included within their entire treatment journey, as well as being more relaxed and comfortable within our practice.

What can I expect at Plowman & Partners?

Anyone who feels that they could benefit from the services of a truly committed team of dental experts here at Plowman & Partners need only contact our friendly team to arrange an individual consultation at a time which suits the patient. This first consultation will then act as a starter-point for any further treatments, as it lets the patient detail to one of our many approachable dental professionals what it is specifically about their oral health or teeth that they are concerned or unhappy about. With this information, a practitioner will then discuss the patient’s various dental options, which can cover an expanse of treatments including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics,  to determine which treatment path they would like to pursue.

Assessing the patient’s oral health

Following from this consultation, we may carry out an initial assessment of the patient’s existing oral health. This is carried out by our highly trained dental hygienist, and is of highest importance as patient’s teeth have to be of a certain degree of health if they are to undergo certain treatments. If any signs of Periodontal Disease (otherwise known as Gum Disease) are uncovered, then they must be eradicated prior to any further dental treatment, such as dental implants, as they may affect the overall success of the treatment. Thankfully however, the dental hygienist here at Plowman & Partners are well-versed in combating all stages of periodontal disease and ensuring that a patient’s teeth are as healthy and fit as they possibly can be, to allow them to proceed on their dental journeys.