Visiting the dentist in Marylebone is vital for your dental health. They can pick up issues with your teeth in the early stages and prevent them from becoming big problems. This is why you need to have regular visits even if you feel like your teeth are perfectly healthy. This is much easier to do if you feel positive and relaxed about your visit. Following some handy tips from Plowman & Partners will help with this.

Dentist in MarylbonePick your appointment time

We do our best to accommodate you with an appointment time that works for.

If you prefer first thing in the morning, Plowman & Partners open at 9am. From Monday to Thursday, we are open until 6pm so you can get an appointment in after work.

The easier it is to fit your dental work into your day, the more likely you are to make time for your appointments.

Talk to us

We love communicating with our patients. Talking about treatments and patient care is what the team at Plowman & Partners have trained for. We can break down any treatment into manageable sections and explain each one to you in a concise and jargon-free way. The more you know, the more relaxed you are likely to feel. When people are nervous about a treatment, it’s usually because they think it will be more difficult than it actually is. A little chat and everything will feel much better.

Look at our whole range

We offer a wide range of treatments to meet your essential and elective dental needs. Whether you want ongoing hygiene management to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, or you want to fill gaps in your smile with excellent restoration work, our team can help.

You may already know what you want and it’s a just a matter of making an assessment to see if your desired treatment is right for you. Or you might want a smile consultation where the dentist in Marylebone can make suggestions about refinements that will benefit your look in the long-term.

The first step is talking to our friendly admin team and making an appointment. We hope to see you soon at the dentist in Marylebone.