At our clinic within Marylebone we understand that finding the right team of dentists to cater for your individual dental needs can be a difficult decision for many of our patients. With this tough choice in mind therefore our fantastic team of dentists all strive to offer a superior standard of care towards every patient they work with. In addition to our caring, modern, and attentive dental approach we are also lucky enough to be in London’s leading medical district which we believe is something to be proud

Meet the team at our dentist in Marylebone

At our clinic within Marylebone we choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, therefore ensuring all of our patients achieve the best possible dental results for their unique case! Whilst staying on top of their oral health to prevent the onset of more serious oral diseases and infections. In addition to the high-quality dental materials, we use however our success is also a credit to our fantastic dental team, who are all regarded as well knowledged within their chosen fields.

Every member of our dental team is passionate and dedicated

Just one example of our team is Graham Bailey, Graham not only possesses an attentive approach to the patients he treats, however he is also trained within the field of restorative dental care which makes him an excellent addition to our surgery.

Did you know?

Each member of our dental team has been recognised as specialists by the general dental council (also commonly referred to as the GDC) which means every single member of our practice is fully qualified to deliver a high standard of care. Our team not only adopts a patient-centred approach we also promote a disciplinary approach to the highest standard which means we have a commitment to evaluating advances within dental technology whilst boasting a range of professionals within different fields to ensure every single one of our patients is individually cared for.

The treatments on offer at our dentist in Marylebone

At our clinic in Marylebone we place a huge emphasis on preventative dental care! Preventative dentistry essentially means that our patients are preventing the onset of more severe oral concerns (such as gum disease, to name just one common example) which could be a shock later on in life if oral hygiene is not maintained. In addition to preventative dental care however, we also choose to provide a variety of complex orthodontic restorative and even cosmetic dental treatments.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is rising in popularity within the field of dental care! With its primary aim to improve the physical and therefore aesthetic appearance of our patient’s smiles. A few examples of popular cosmetic dental treatments consist of tooth whitening (which is a simple and safe way to brighten the appearance of your smile), in addition to porcelain veneers (which is also available in a composite material), and lastly cosmetic fillings (which are deemed as a vastly superior alternative to traditional Mercury fillings, which could be considered as unsightly regarding their physical appearance).