Individuals choosing a dental clinic may base their decision on a wide array of factors, such as location, and the quality of dental treatment provided. At our dentist In Marylebone we offer our patients a high level of dental professionalism, as well as a clean, and comfortable dental environment.

dentist-maryleboneOur promise

Our dental healthcare professionals are committed to providing our patients with a high standard of dental care. Our dental clinic is located within the heart of London’s medical district, ensuring we are easy to reach by all of our patients.

Meet the team at our dentist in Marylebone

Every member of our dental team has successfully completed further postgraduate dental study, ensuring we deliver the best possible dental treatments for our patients. All of our dentists are recognised by the General Dental Council, this ensures we provide our patients with a high standard and multidisciplinary approach.

Dental advances

Modern advances in dental technology are constantly changing, which is why our team attempts to track dental changes. Our commitment to tracking dental advancements ensures our patients receive the best possible form of modern dental treatment.

How should I contact you?

We understand that many of our patients can be extremely busy, which is why we offer our potential patients the chance to contact us via telephone, and email (located on our website). If you wish to receive one of our dental brochures to gain further information about treatments you can fill in a small application form via our website. We understand that many of our patients may be pressed for time, which is why we also offer them an alternative form of contact.

Running low on time?

If you do not have time to call us to book an appointment, you can easily request an appointment by filling in a few simple personal details online, along with your query or concern.

What treatments do you offer at your dental clinic in Marylebone?

At our London clinic, we understand that our patients may require a wide array of dental, and cosmetic treatments. Each patient may look for different things when undergoing their chosen dental treatment, which is why we aim to treat each dental case individually. One example of the treatments we provide are dental hygiene services.

Dental hygiene

Our clinic firmly believes that prevention is much better than cure, which is why we attempt to educate our patients on the key factors in maintaining a good level of dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene is key to maintaining positive oral health, which is why we aim to prioritise this at our clinic in Marylebone.

Our dental prevention programme aims to reduce negative symptoms such as bad breath, and the further development of gum disease, tooth loss, and bleeding.

Do you offer restorative dentistry?

Yes! Restorative dentistry is essentially a form of dentistry that aims to restore full functionality to the mouth and teeth. One example of  restorative dentistry we provide are dental implants.

How they work

Dental implants are just one example of the many dental treatments we provide. Dental implants can be used to stabilise dentures, they can also support single crowns.. Aside from dental implants supporting single crowns, they can also provide support for bridges. This type of dental restoration can also prevent jawbone loss and stop surrounding teeth from becoming damaged.