Keeping a healthy smile can be difficult and over time things like cracks, staining and general wear and tear on the enamel occurs which makes maintaining that gorgeous grin harder.

However, through proper orthodontic treatments you can make your smile look a little brighter for a bit longer. One such treatment that you should consider are veneers, offered at our Plowman and Partners private dentist practice these are a good way to cover up staining or damage to your teeth.

Dentist in MarylboneHere’s a rough outline of what you can expect.

What are veneers?

For those that are not familiar with them, they are basically a small bit of porcelain that’s been matched in colour and shape to your teeth which is then placed over the area that’s being cosmetically corrected. Your dentist in Marylebone will normally offer this to cover the likes of chips, cracks and gaps. The cap is also custom moulded to blend in with your mouth and fixed with an adhesive to keep it in place.

Is the procedure painful?

The biggest concern patients have is if a procedure is going to cause any pain and rightly so, the mouth is a very sensitive part of the body. With veneers there is a chance you may feel a small amount of discomfort. This is normally when the dentist is removing a tiny part of enamel from your teeth to create a space for the porcelain cap.

How long does it take?

Another big question patients have is how long they’re going to be sitting in the chair at the practice. Luckily it’s not an overly long procedure and you should find that it takes around 30 minutes or so to have a cap fitted. Although, if there’s more than one area being altered it could take up to several hours. But, this is normally something your dentist in Marylebone will discuss with you first to make sure you have time for the treatment.

Benefits of veneers

For those that are still unsure, there are numerous benefits to having veneer treatments performed. The biggest of which is the self-confidence boost it provides by giving you those lovely pearly whites you deserve.

There’s also the fact that the caps are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance, just brush them as you would the rest of your teeth. Although, be careful not to apply too much force with the brush as you could dislodge the cap. The same goes for flossing, avoid pulling too hard or deep as it could damage the veneer.

Being so easy to maintain means you won’t have to attend multiple appointments for a follow up on your progress. Although, you should still book a check-up every 6 months just to keep an eye on things or to see if you require further treatments.

Hopefully this has answered a few of your queries about veneers. There are a lot of benefits to having them, so ask your dentist in Marylebone about them on your next appointment.