When you experience pain in your mouth, it is easy to write it off as something small or convince yourself that the pain will slowly start to ease up. You might have been using pain medication to manage the symptoms, but eventually, it will stop working. There might be many causes for your pain, discomfort or general dissatisfaction with your teeth, gums and mouth. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why it might be time for you to visit our dentist in Marylebone.dentist-in-marylebone

Here at Plowman & Partners, we want you to be at your happiest and most comfortable. Getting you the best specific help and treatment plan is extremely important to us, as we know that every patient is different. We’ll take the time and care to get to know you and your mouth, using everything in our power to provide you with quick, accurate treatments that offer the results you desire.

Below, our dentist in Marylebone will discuss just 5 of the reasons it might be time to give us a visit. Remember, we’re always here to answer your questions or concerns!

Sensitive teeth

If you think you are suffering from sensitivity, our dentist in Marylebone wants you to know that there are ways to check why. If your teeth hurt when you’re eating or drinking cold or hot things, eating or drinking sour or sweet things, or even when biting down, it is likely you suffer from sensitive teeth. This affliction stems from the wearing down of the protective layer of your teeth, known as enamel. Having sensitive teeth is quite common, and we will often advise you to use desensitising toothpaste or a fluoride rinse to lessen the symptoms! It is important that you attend check-ups with us, so we can spot this before it gets too severe.

Bad breath

Bad breath is completely normal for a patient at any age, but it doesn’t mean that it is at all pleasant or won’t make you feel upset. If you believe that even after taking care of your mouth and teeth, you’re still suffering from bad breath, please come in to see us! The most serious cause of bad breath is gum disease. Even when brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, you won’t be able to rid yourself of the smell, but we can help! So please, make an appointment with us if this applies to you.

Missing teeth

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, you don’t have to worry! Our titanium screw metal implants will allow you to replace your old teeth with the artificial kind, without having to change your lifestyle too much.

Misaligned teeth

As an adult with misaligned teeth, you might not want to bring attention to yourself through the use of braces. We now offer invisible options, meaning you can go about your day-to-day life and get the smile you deserve.

Stained teeth

Teeth can become stained over time, or when eating dark foods and drinking coffee. We offer various versions of teeth whitening treatments, meaning you could get your teeth back to their original shine from the comfort of your home.