If you have ever suffered the loss of a tooth or several teeth then you will understand the impact that any kind of tooth loss can have on someone’s mouth. It is a painful experience that no one should have to go through. dentist-in-marylebone

The biggest misconception is that the majority of people who lose teeth do so because they have poor oral health and hygiene standards, this simply is not true. Most adults who lose teeth will do so due to an accident of some kind, this can include a traffic accident that causes an impact to your mouth or jaw, or an injury on a sports playing field. You can include accidents within the home here as well.

After suffering tooth loss you may have looked into ways you can replace the loss by using dental devices such as bridges or dentures, which are used in cases of extreme tooth loss. However, you may feel that these devices do not fully meet your individual needs and aims as you are looking for a tooth loss solution that feels natural. The good news is that there is another option being offered at our dentist in Marylebone.

At Plowman & Partners, we have been helping patients to replace their lost teeth by using implants, this gives them a fixed-in-place solution that feels just like having their natural teeth back.

The benefits of replacing your teeth

There are benefits to you letting our dentist in Marylebone replace your teeth with implants that go far beyond those that can be seen by others. Firstly, if you have found that you have had to avoid eating tougher foods such as steak or nuts, as you normally suffer discomfort when trying to use the gum and jawbone to chew food, then replacing your teeth should resolve this for you.

Many of our patients feel a sense of food liberation once they have had their teeth replaced, as they find that previous limitations have been lifted and they can go back to fully enjoying all the foods they love.

Maybe you have a psychological feeling that you have lost your smile, due to losing teeth at the front of your mouth. Not being able to smile may give others the wrong impression about the person you really are, making you seem unapproachable.

By replacing any lost teeth at the front of the mouth we can help you regain your smile, giving you the ability to be a more natural you.

One hidden benefit of using implants to replace any lost teeth is that they will help to support any teeth within the area around them and this could help to prevent any further teeth from being lost.  They will also help to encourage the growth of new material within the jawbone, providing added strength to the bone in the area of the loss.

Reaping the benefits

There really is no need for you to live with tooth loss when a dentist in Marylebone can provide you with a natural looking and feeling alternative, following treatment you will reap the benefits of having a full set of teeth once more.