We understand that a trip to our dentist in Marylebone can be nerve-racking. If you have had a bad experience before, or you don’t believe that a trip to the practice can help, you might be less inclined to get in contact with us for aid. We want you to know that we can do more for you than just taking out teeth or regular check-ups. If you’re missing teeth, you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks or you just have a few questions then you’re in the right place. We can help get you back on your journey to dental happiness.dentist-in-marylebone

Here at Plowman & Partners, you are our priority. We believe in offering unique and tailored treatments to tackle any problem you come to us with, no matter the size. From the second you enter our practice, we make it our chief goal to help you feel comfortable and safe. We’re on the side of you, your dental hygiene and your confidence.

In this article, our dentist in Marylebone will talk you through all the treatments our practice provides and hopefully answer any lingering questions that you may have.

Oral hygiene

One of the most standard yet important treatments that our dentist in Marylebone offers is your regular check-up. During these appointments, we’ll take a look at your teeth carefully to see if anything has changed since your previous one. We find that catching any potential problems in their earlier stages means that they are much easier to treat and will hopefully avoid any future discomfort! Remember, it is important to take care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing! If you’re experiencing bad breath or sensitive teeth, talk to us! We can often help find the cause and provide advice for keeping your pain minimal.


As we begin to age, it is normal for us to lose teeth. Even when we’re younger, there are a number of varying reasons that might result in the loss of teeth. Unfortunately, despite the teeth being such a small part of our face, losing one of them can have detrimental effects on our confidence, happiness and day-to-day life. Before you panic, get in touch with us! Our implants are titanium screws that can be installed into your jaw, replacing the root and allowing us to place artificial teeth on top. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing, smiling and eating normally again with the confidence that your fake teeth both look and act exactly like your real ones did.


For some people, being born with misaligned teeth is just something that you deal with. Unfortunately, no amount of dental hygiene will put your teeth into their desired positions. That’s where we come in! With orthodontics, we can use braces to straighten out your teeth and give you that bright smile you’ve been waiting for. As an adult, you might not wish to bring attention to your teeth-straightening journey, which is why we also provide invisible trays to get the job done!