We, at Plowman & Partners, encourage our patients to make the best efforts towards maintaining their dental health. Sometimes, however, teeth do decay and root canal treatments remain the preferred method used to save teeth.  A key concern of patients who have this type of dental treatment is the post-procedure recovery period. Due to the nature of the procedure a patient may experience a bit of discomfort (tooth sensitivity, swelling) afterwards. These symptoms of discomfort do not last for long and can be easily treated with medication. It is important that patients follow all the instructions given by the dentist in Marylebone carefully to recover fully and ensure optimal healing takes place. Your oral hygiene care still applies.

Dentist in Marylbone7 Tips to help speed up post-treatment recovery

  1. Take pain medication as instructed

The effects of the anaesthesia will subside soon after you leave the dental clinic so a dose of pain medication will help in reducing discomfort.

  1. Avoid eating certain foods

Patients who are on orthodontic treatments are often told to avoid certain food types. This rule also applies to patients of root canal treatments too. The risk posed by sticky or crunchy foods is that these can knock out of place any temporary materials used to repair a tooth. Another helpful tip to keep in mind when eating is using opposing teeth to chew (while healing is in progress).

  1. Keep an eye on swelling

It is common for some swelling to occur in the area where the treatment was performed. This is a sign that healing has started. If a patient notices excessive swelling it is best to give a dentist in Marylebone  a call as soon as possible. Anything that will support the increase in inflammation such as drinking hot beverages, drinking through straws and even smoking, should be avoided.

  1. Give yourself time to heal

Patients should take the time following a dental surgical procedure to heal and not immediately resume work responsibilities. It is best if patients also avoid any strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure.

  1. Rinse mouth with a warm water/salt solution

One of the highly recommended ways to minimize the risk of infection especially after a dental procedure is to rinse the mouth with warm salt water.

  1. Use a cold compress

A useful tip to help with swelling is to apply a cold compress to the area for the first few days (ten to fifteen minutes a session for a few times throughout the day). This will also help in recovery.

  1. Eat ice cream

A bowl of ice cream is just the thing to help with reducing inflammation and recovery.

Taking good care of yourself after a root canal treatment is important for a quick recovery so that you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible. The tips offered above will help in minimizing discomfort but should you have any concerns, our dentists at Plowman & Partners are ready to help.