One of the most feared and misunderstood of all dental procedures is that of the root canal.

A fairly common and straightforward process, this endodontic procedure is designed to restore function to a tooth that has recently experienced extreme trauma, either due to infection or extreme impact. We look at some lesser known benefits of this procedure carried out by our practice.

root-canal-treatmentMany of our patients at Plowman & Partners are apprehensive about our dentists in Marylebone performing this treatment, without knowing that root canal treatments actually provide a wide range of benefits for their teeth and promote overall better dental health.

Our team of dentists in Marylebone perform root canal treatments everyday and can testify to the many advantages of having this procedure performed.

Reduces discomfort

More often than not, when a patient visits our dentists in Marylebone for root canal treatments, they have usually just been through a very painful dental infection. Something everyone dreads.

While they may still be overcoming the infection during the root canal, having the pulp of the tooth removed reduces any associated discomfort that comes with a dental infection and allows them to leave our surgery feeling more comfortable.

Restores tooth function

As visually important as our teeth are, if you have a tooth in your mouth that cannot take the pressure associated with chewing food without causing discomfort, then that tooth has no function.

Post root canal treatment, your tooth will be able to handle everyday functions again.

No gaps

Unfortunately, the only real alternative to a root canal that will also stop any future infections is to remove the tooth.

If the tooth that has the infection is located at the front of your mouth, this can cause a very obvious problem. Gaps in your smile can knock your confidence, put pressure on surrounding teeth and can cause your jawbone to recede.

Prevents infections

Dental infections are truly awful to experience and if you need a root canal, it is likely you are in the midst or have recently had one.

Part of the procedure of endodontic therapy involves gently drilling down to the pulp of the tooth and scraping out all of the bacteria that led to the initial infection. As unappealing as this sounds, it is essential to ensure that the bacteria does not spread to your other teeth and blood stream, which can cause sepsis or more complex infections.

Restores normal sensation

Have you ever had a filling and experienced that numbing sensation?

Many of our patients at Plowman & Partners assume that this is how their teeth will feel after a root canal is performed; after all, how can it feel anything without a nerve?

There are many nerves in your mouth and nerves surrounding the tooth will allow you to feel and process normal biting and chewing sensations.If you know you may need a root canal don’t delay, speak with a member of our team today.