Each of us has undertaken additional postgraduate training in a variety of dental fields and are recognised as Specialists by the General Dental Council. This allows us to care for all of our patients individually using a multi-disciplinary approach to the highest standard. We also have a commitment to evaluating advances in dental technology.


We firmly believe in the principle that prevention is better than cure and provide the best advice to prevent problems developing in the first place. Our hygiene service is the cornerstone of our preventive programme as gum disease causes bad breath, bleeding and in the long term – tooth loss, which is why good oral hygiene is the most effective way to help maintain a healthy mouth.


The modern approach to replacing missing teeth, precluding the need for removable dentures. Titanium implants are used to support restorations and can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures.


We provide the full range of crown and bridgework, including the use of dental implants. These techniques allow for the restoration or replacement of individual teeth or may form the basis of a complete oral reconstruction. More complex restorative care is provided by some of the most highly regarded specialists in their field. To achieve these high clinical standards, excellent technical support is essential. We work with some of the very best dental technicians in London with particular expertise in either gold or aesthetic ceramic work.


All dentistry has cosmetic implications but in addition to conventional crown and bridge and implant treatment we also offer teeth whitening, veneers and cosmetic fillings.


A simple and safe way to brighten and lighten your teeth, there is an ‘in surgery’ or ‘at home’ option for this treatment.


Both porcelain and composite veneers or facings can be used to improve the appearance of front teeth with minimal preparation of the original teeth.


Tooth coloured fillings have a vastly superior appearance when compared with traditional amalgam fillings.


Treatment of gum conditions is important to help maintain a healthy mouth, fresh breath and to prevent loss of the supporting structures of teeth.


Modern root canal treatment involves a microscopic approach to evaluating root canal anatomy. This allows effective cleaning of the root canal system which completely eradicates the pain associated with an infected tooth.


Orthodontics involves the realignment of teeth using braces which are usually fixed to the teeth. We work with orthodontists who have a reputation for child as well as adult orthodontics. There is now a range of ‘invisible’ techniques which may make treatment more acceptable to adults.


Missing teeth can be replaced by a removable denture made from a variety of different materials.